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Lennox Avalon

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Lennox Avalon

Post by Lennox Avalon on Wed Dec 10, 2014 10:40 pm


| basics |

name;; Lennox Amerius Avalon
nicknames;; Lenn, Lenny, Lenno, Nox, anything really. He'd gotten used to anything, even the occasional "Hey you" "Hey tech guy over there" when someone couldn't remember his name.
age;; 33
sexuality;; Anyone he might like, not picky. (anything can happen when you're drunk)
marital status;; Single
group;; Displaced (someone suggest a group for him)

| appearance |

height;; 5'11"
build;; Not too large, but not extremely thin either.
hair color;; Blonde
eye color;; Grey-blue
tattoos;; Has one fairly menacing looking eagle across his back, but wasn't allowed anything that showed on his arms for work and uniformity purposes. He was trying to be tough, it's actually neat looking though.
defining characteristic(s);; Always carries a fairly fancy looking dagger with him, mostly for show rather than actual fighting. Does have a light scar down the inside of his right forearm. Has a different story every time someone asks, wouldn't use Capitol medicine to fix it because he just didn't feel like it.
clothing style;; He arrives in his work uniform (the very simple plain white uniform from the Hunger Games games techs, it's just a white button up shirt basically :p) but after he can get something else he will. He's not picky and will wear pretty much anything that covers and doesn't smell.
face claim;; Joe Anderson

| the fallen angel |

personality;; Stubborn, drunk, constantly bored, but highly intelligent. He's an odd man for the Capitol and he likes it that way. From a young age he was a smart trouble maker and it never seemed to fade. He prides himself in his intelligence and ability. With technology, with people, all of it. Though not the popular attention loving type he does like recognition. He has a love for action and an unhealthy interest in violence and conflict. He took a lot of pride in the Games, and also took a lot of classes to get physically able to fight for himself. Just for the fun of it, as the Capitol doesn't provide any danger. He spent a lot of his time creating a reputation as a stronger individual. He had no issues in dishonesty of fixing the Games in his favor and still wouldn't have a problem in lying to get where he wants. He's an excellent liar, and tends to detach himself from most people. Lennox has a love for animals that extends further than any care he has for most people. There are exceptions. He will claim it as fun. The man always had an aptitude toward technological systems, and creating things. Although not artistically creative he has the ability and critical thinking toward fixing things. He's a good worker for the most part when he's not deceiving people. Isn't afraid of a fight or really bothered by them. He takes orders well although can someone twist them a bit to also get what he wants. He also has a love for drinks. Alcohol of all sorts. Why not spend his free time getting drunk until he falls over? He has a tendency to do things just because he can with little other reason required. When drunk he is quite emotional and childish. Everything he keeps hidden comes out mixed with crazy wild thoughts and comments.
family members;; Younger sister, older brother, father, mother, all still in Panem in the Capitol
other important figures;;

Seneca Crane: Former boss/Head Gamemaker || Don't hate each other, but have some fundamental disagreements on how things needed to be done in the past. Seneca is also emotional and sentimental where Lennox is generally all calculating and about benefit for himself, as well as doing the job. He doesn't agree with Seneca's emotional choice to let two tributes win, as it breaks those rules. Not so far as to say Seneca is a traitor, but he just doesn't agree with the choice. He thinks of Seneca as a brilliant artist and intelligent at running the Games and pleasing a crowd. The relationship was all business, and Lennox appreciated that Seneca was the one to take the fall if things go wrong. Seneca had to talk to President Snow, Lennox just had to sit in a clean room and play with cool technology and holographic stuff. Seneca was quite important to keeping him alive and in a job. They also went to school together, but Lenn doesn't talk about school days.

Alodia Vipointe: Acquaintance from Panem || Although not close Lennox had met her before. Mainly seeing her her and Seneca discussing Snows wishes and the like, and getting messages given to him for work. But a fairly friendly greeting was common and living in the Capitol you'd run into the same people every now and then. Particularly those with jobs relating to the Games themselves. Spent a lot of time watching Alodia and Seneca just trying to predict when they might kiss and give up the business talk. He tried to keep in her favor, as she had close contact with President Snow.

occupation;; Displaced, previously Hunger Games Technician (one of the guys in white in the control room that made it all work)
skills and talents;; Obviously has a lot of technological ability. If they had touchscreens and holograms in Albion he would be right at home. As those skills are useless until significant technological advancement, he does have a couple of others. He took a lot of weapons and self defense classes to occupy his free time in the Capitol. Mainly for better understanding of fights in the Games, so he said, but also because it was cool. So he does have fighting skills with a multitude of weapons. And some quick thinking when he isn't drunk. Good coordination, fast learner, and very good at lying. Also actually fairly mechanically skilled and could end up inventing and building his own things eventually. He's smart and wastes it away by drinking.
history;; Lennox was born to the lower class as far as Capitol standards went. Of course the poor of the Capitol were still better off than anyone in the districts, but he was on their low end. His father had gambled away their family wealth on the Games and poor choices in favored tributes. This left the family slipping by to fake a typical Capitol living. But it left Lennox without some of the entitlement and perfectionist attitudes that seemed to plague the Capitol. His mother hated his father for his gambling habits, but the family of five were fairly close otherwise. He had an older brother, and a younger sister. They made it alright and nobody really suspected much, but there wasn't much extra. His parents picked and chose carefully which parties to attend and Lennox being younger than his brother tended to have his brother's old clothes rather than his own in particularly difficult months. It was hard when the fun money was spent on tributes that died right after it was spent.

Lennox did fine with it though, creative in his explanations of things. He was smart enough, while still being tough, to keep his childhood from becoming miserable. Making up for his intelligence that could make him the teacher's pet type, he had a tendency to pick on others and put them down. It was the Capitol after all, if you weren't on the top you were constantly being knocked down. He couldn't financially be on top, so he had to push others down to make up for it. He was one for trying to look like the tough kid. Trying to be better than anyone he could. In early years of school young Lennox didn't care about his class scores. He cared about making up for his father's shortcomings, to not be like the man his mother always criticized. It worked somewhat, until he found himself labeled as dumb and started to actually get into trouble. That and his friends were lacking. He bullied those on his level, and those with more money wanted nothing to do with him. He was left with only his mother's dog as a friend. The woman hadn't become attached the small hairy thing but big tough Lennox had. Big being relative in his ego and behavior rather than physical stature. As far as boys went he was on the smaller end. The dog and his sister were the ones he really cared about, everyone else meant nothing.

In his teenage years the young man finally started to try in school. He was smart enough that he caught up. He tried to retain his tough-guy attitude but actually started to get positive marks in school. It pleased his parents and school officials, that now he was getting good scores on assignments and not just his tests. He proved to be more brilliant than they thought even, because he didn't really put in the work. No instead he used his natural ability toward their computer technology to get into the school system and change his scores and project results to perfection. For a couple years he managed without getting caught even. Well not by a teacher. He was caught by young Seneca Crane, one of the younger in their classes but smart as could be. He was one Lennox always tried to get into projects with anyways if they had groups. The kid could hold his own and had the creative mind to impress the teachers. Being a perfectionist, Seneca wanted to do all of the work anyways. In the end they always ended up with a perfect score, since Lennox wouldn't live with less than perfect in the score system. But the other young man caught him, he had to make a threat in case the boy thought to turn him in. Since then he hadn't worked with Seneca, not wanting to risk losing everything.

It was when his final school year came to an end that he finally actually started to care about really working. He had to go on his own and there was no way that Lennox would be like his father. The majority in the Capitol didn't work, those who did had quite glorious jobs. Seneca went on to join the Games team, and when he'd heard that his interest had been caught. Of all the things that one could do to gain status in the Capitol, working on the Games was the biggest. The people with the most respect, but Lennox wasn't the publicity sort. Seneca was popular despite his perfectionist good grades obsession. People loved him. Lennox was smart but he wasn't popular. Never wanted to be. He went a year without doing anything, but it was boring. The smart young man without the money to go to full out parties... When Seneca who was still on good terms started to talk to him about all of the things to be done with the Games, Lennox started to realize just how bored he was. Seneca being the nice man he was put in a good word and got him a job also on the Games team. The job not only paid well, but provided near constant work. Work that used his technical ability. It also helped that from a young age Lennox had been very interested in the Games. The action of it all was exciting, and figuring out how they did it was even more so. He would never admit that he had hacked the place once before getting the job, just to see how it worked.

The Hunger Games were an exciting thing for Lennox to work on and he had no intention of leaving. He lived with more money than his family, and he was alone and had nobody else to spend on. He was pleased, although he needed a bit of a challenge. He could get more he was sure. While Seneca moved on to join the Gamemakers after his mandatory experience in the technician position, learning how it's done and doing the hard work, Lennox remained a tech. He didn't want the creative job, or the public image, or the weight that the other title held. No Lennox was happy to stay in the background. The guy behind the scenes that was so important with none of the consequences or the constant eye of the public. In fact their names weren't advertised. With forty or so technicians they didn't bother to name them all and Lenn was okay with that. except for the few wealthy gambling sorts with the Games. When Lennox was found to have always won his bets on a winner, people got interested. He started making deals, with tributes and gamblers alike. Helping wins with a bit of sneaky works into his job. He was smart enough he didn't get caught, picking prime tributes to help that people wouldn't question while making a profit on assuring a victory. It was all small things that could be done from where he was working without triggering suspicions. It worked for ten years too.

Seneca became Head Gamemaker and Lennox wasn't sure whether to be happy for his somewhat friend or not, but he remained in a very professional behavior toward the man. He felt the beard and the look in general were over done but never criticized. Things were fine even with the change in leadership and it didn't feel like anything would change. There were fresh ideas and working on them was a welcome refreshment. But then came the 74th Games. Katniss and Peeta, the star-crossed lovers from the poorest of Districts. He scoffed at the idea. It was a death game, not a love game, but Seneca insisted that they not kill them just yet. Had it been up to Lennox, he would have killed Katniss with the fireballs that they had shot at her. She was a twelve, she shouldn't win anyways. It wouldn't please the important people. But Seneca insisted that they only guide her rather than end her. He had some plan but Lennox couldn't figure it out. What did these two even matter? The ending shocked Lennox more than anyone he was sure, his opinion didn't matter as his job was simply to follow orders and be ready on the controls, but the very action eager technician was amazed at Seneca's choice. At how quickly he jumped in to tell the two to stop before they ate the berries. It took everything Lennox had to not stand up and criticize Seneca's choices right there. To let two victors leave that arena, two defiant lovers, it was absurd.

It seemed that he wasn't the only one who thought so either. As Seneca was asked for not long after, and he obediently pointed the right way, and that had been the last that Lennox had seen of the man. It wasn't long after when a new Head Gamemaker was assigned. It somewhat bothered Lennox, but it was expected. Although the fact that the new guy had volunteered to take over after that was a shock. He wasn't sure what to expect of this Plutarch, but things started to change. Especially after rumor got out that Seneca had not actually been executed. That he had escaped execution and just disappeared, just like their victor and her mentor had. Just gone and that provided some very difficult things to handle. Snow was breathing down their necks, even the lower guys were starting to feel it. Lennox did fine under pressure, even the added pressure of both Snow's increased concern and distrust of them but also the Quarter Quell itself. The big year.

The young man had headed to work one day, but instead of getting to the control room he found himself thrown into Albion. A very strange world for a man in pure white to find while expecting the high tech control room. He's newly arrived and hoping for some excitement. Or a way home.

| behind the fallen angel |

alias;; Cyr
experience;; Years.
other characters;; Seneca Crane and Rory Williams
how you found us;; An advertisement on my site.
contact information;; PM

| credits |

this application was made by kittymorphine at caution 2.0 & bellachanx at shadowplay; lyrics are from “Fallen Angels” from Black Veil Brides. Steal or take off the credit and I will have my army of zombies out to eat your brainz.

Lennox Avalon
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Re: Lennox Avalon

Post by Katniss Everdeen on Sat Dec 13, 2014 12:12 pm

Accepted! Wonderfully detailed bio :3 You've been added to the correct group, and 600 gold has been added to your account for your history being 900+ words :3 Have fun in Albion! Very Happy
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