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Calypso's Little Ducklings ~ Plotter

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Calypso's Little Ducklings ~ Plotter

Post by Queen Stella Beck on Sun Nov 16, 2014 10:04 pm

d a i s y
technically sixty nine twenty five || ex weeping angel || florist || straight

Daisy is a bubbly and ever-optimistic girl. She is constantly amazed by everything in the world, and has a very strong moral compass. Loyal, friendly, and a bit naive, she makes a wonderful friend and a clueless lover. She owns a flower stall in the Bowerstone Marketplace, bringing cheer to the citizens with her colourful flowers. Always on the lookout for a new adventure, this lovely lass is up for all sorts of plots!

Daisy is incredibly loyal and sticks to her friend like glue. She trusts easily and will give you her whole heart, hoping that you don't break it. She is currently friends with the Demon Door not far from her house, but would love some new friends.  

She has never been in love before and is absolutely clueless when it comes to that sort of thing. She does have a slight crush on the trench-coat-wearing human that landed in her flower field, but if you want to challenge that romance and teach this lass the ways of love, have at it.

Daisy is much too sweet to hate anyone and therefore doesn't have enemies. However she strongly dislikes (yes, to the point of hate) people that hurt others (especially if they do it just for fun), bullies, and people that hurt animals and nature. She is quite naive when it comes to people and trusts easily, making her a perfect target for manipulation.

j a c k   h a r k n e s s
immortal || human || protector of silverpines || omnisexual

An utter flirt and an adventure junkie, Jack is a loyal friend once you break down his walls, a solid ally, and a very proficient fighter. Currently the protector of Silverpines (a snazzy title he thought of for himself which means he just exterminates Balverines every night), he would love to get out of the little hamlet and go explore the rest of the great Albion. But he doesn't want to go alone, for he's been alone for far too long. Besides, travelling is always more fun if you have a companion.

Jack is very loyal and protective over those select few that can be called his friends. It takes a lot to get him to trust you, but once you're in, he will do anything for you. Since he's lost all his friends upon coming to Albion, he needs a new set. Applicants should either enjoy a good dose of daily flirting, or be completely immune to it. 

Jack's had plenty of those over the many many years. More are always welcome. Preferred applicants would have a stopwatch and enjoy games of naked hide-and-seek.

Jack has a lot of enemies. You don't live for several hundred years and not make a few here and there. Those that harm people and species either for profit or for fun quickly end up in Jack's bad books. Child abusers especially incur Jack's wrath, and bullies.

s c a r l e t   f r o s t
twenty-eight || human || assassin || bicurious

A sultry lass who enjoys a good flirt, likes her men strong and her liquor stronger, and is a deadly shot, Scarlet's your gal if you have a slight problem that you want to get rid of, mainly of the male variety. Easily recognized by the scarlet snowflake on her neck, she will solve all your problems, for a good price. Whether you're after a bit of possibly-deadly-but-fun flirting, or just need her to exterminate that husband of yours who just won't give you a divorce and instead spends all the family savings on women-of-the-night, Scarlet's up for any and all adventures!

Scarlet is as mistrusting as they come. She doesn't seem it, using her flirty ways to cover it and make it seem like she trusts you with her life, but in actual fact it takes a lot for her to even come close to trusting you. Especially if you're a male. However if you manage to break down all her walls, you'll be rewarded with a fiercly loyal and protective friend who will shoot anyone who so much as looks at you wrong. All in all, a great (if not a slightly scary) friend. 

The gorgeous redhead has had her fair share of lovers, the two most notable ones being her late husband (who unfortunately had too much of a penchant for Bloodstone wenches and a drinking habit that made him volatile) who she quickly got rid of in true Scarlet Frost fashion once she found out his true colours; and Scabior Jr, son of the mercenary that took her in when she became orphaned and mentored her. Scarlet and him have been an on-and-off-again couple for many years, never managing to become official or steady. If this fiery assassin is to your liking and you are up for a whirlwind romance, it's something you won't forget in a hurry.

Scarlet has more enemies than she can count, mainly because the list is so long (and not because she can't count very high unlike some of her fellow mercenaries). Her main enemies are the Albion Guard who are tasked with catching her dead or alive and bringing her to justice. Slim chance that's going to happen any time soon, although you're welcome to try.  

s t e l l a   b e c k
twenty-four || human || queen of albion || bicurious

A fair and benevolent ruler, Stella is unfortunately becoming rather stir-crazy on the throne. She often fantasizes about leaving her brother in charge and going off on an adventure, however she worries about her people too much to allow that to happen again. She despises the mundane parts of her queenly duties, including but not limited to: court, treasury matters, ruling on why Oscar the chicken belongs to Harry and not to George. She desperately wants an adventure, so someone please get her out of the castle walls, and fast!

Stella has a lot of friends, but no one to call a best friend. She has no one she can properly confide in (save for Jasper, but he doesn't really count), or someone who she can just be herself around. She wants (some would say needs) a friend who she can laugh, cry, and rant with. Someone who will be there for her and not ditch her as soon as she bores them. She's loyal, caring, and a protective friend. 

The queen's love belongs to a certain ex-captain of the guard, though she is unsure of whether her feelings are returned. She is open for romancing, however be aware that despite your best efforts her heart may never quite be yours.

Stella despises her royal aide Hobson with all her heart. Though to be fair, it is doubtful whether anyone in Albion actually likes him. People who manipulate and take advantage of the weak are considered her enemies (Reaver, I'm looking at you!), mercenaries, traitors, and Reaver.  

t a y l a   c o l t
forty-seven twenty-seven || impala turned human || huntress || bicurious

Sultry, sexy, cheeky, and flirty. Tayla is adjusting to her life as a human exceptionally well and is enjoying every minute of it. She longs to go hunting for monsters with Dean, often getting upset when he doesn't find the idea of hunting with her as appealing as she does. She worries about where in the world Sam and Castiel are, and longs for a grand adventure that'll see her leaving the little farmhouse she and Dean currently share. Any and all plots are welcome!

Spending her entire life as a car until now, Tayla hasn't got any friends except her Winchester boys and Castiel. She would love some more. Especially if she could go on hunts with them. 

Tayla's heart belongs to one Dean Winchester. Try as you might to romance this gal, her heart won't ever be in it, but you can have fun trying!

The enemies of the Winchesters instantly become the enemies of Tayla. There have been quite a fair few though they've all been left behind in their own world. She has no enemies in Albion yet, but it could be just a matter of time...  

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