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"Lost Before The Dawn" has moved to a different host. Same plot, same chaos and adventures, new place. It can be found HERE. If anyone would like specific characters and threads moved, please contact Calypso over on the new site.

The admins want to thank everyone who made this version of LBTD amazing and gave us wonderful memories and fantastic rp adventures. We hope to see you on the new site! Over the next few weeks the site will be made private, but members will still be able to log in and get their stuff and read old threads.

To our wonderful affiliates: we will be re-adding you on the new site. Please bear with us :)

Darkness is changing!

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Darkness is changing!

Post by Queen Stella Beck on Sat Sep 27, 2014 9:11 pm

Big hello to anyone who somehow stumbles across this site. We are currently going through some modifications to the site and shall hopefully be up and running soon. The plot for this place is changing, to give our place a bit of a twist. No longer will it be restricted to the Fable fandom; soon this place will become a multi-fandom site, open to anyone from any fandom wishing to rp in a steampunk Victorian England.

The premise will work as such: strange portals and rips through time and dimensions are opening and sucking people in. Those that survive the journey (though the survival rate is rather decent, there have been one or two incidents when someone hasn't made it through and been lost in the vast emptiness of space) end up in Albion, a steampunk world modeled off England during its Victorian era. With no way of getting back to their correct universe, the newcomers are stuck, and now have to rebuild their lives in Albion.

Currently we accept all characters from any fandom. Please be aware that characters that can do magic (Harry Potter fandom, as well as others) will not be able to use their magic in Albion.

Though you don't have to know about the Fable games and about Albion, it would be of help to you to at least skim this article. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Smile
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