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A World Devoid Of Colour? Not During My Reign! // OPEN

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A World Devoid Of Colour? Not During My Reign! // OPEN

Post by Queen Stella Beck on Wed May 07, 2014 10:18 pm

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En route to Oakfields
With a low whistle to call Digger towards her, Stella stepped off the worn road and sauntered into the shade of a large oak tree. Crouching down, she took her sword, rifle, and leather rucksack off, placing them beside her as she sat down and leaned back against the majestic tree, closing her eyes tiredly. Tired didn't even cover it. The brunette was absolutely exhausted. She'd been travelling for days and days already and still there was no sign of the little town of Oakfield. Though, given the fact that the oak trees growing on the sides of the road were becoming more and more abundant the further she went on, Stella was sure that she was on the right path.

She hadn't ever been to Oakfield. Until now. Even in her times gathering allies for Albion's revolution she hadn't gone there. Mainly because no one ever talked about the town any more, so Stella had simply assumed that after her father's reign had come to an end the place had ceased to exist and everyone there had moved on.

But one week earlier she'd received a carrier pigeon pleading for her help. It had been a strange pigeon, one seemingly devoid of colour. It didn't even look white like normal pigeons did. It seemed more...gray, as if its original colouring had been sucked out of it only to leave this greyness. The note itself looked just like the pigeon, the parchment looking grey and unreal. 'Please help us,' the note began. 'We need help immediately from these creatures. They won't leave us alone. Please, your majesty, please help Oakfield!'

Stella was never one to turn down a plea for help. Especially if the plea came from a town in her kingdom. So here she was, searching for the little town in order to save it. She'd gotten lost oh so many times on her way there. Even Digger, with his innate sense of being able to lead her wherever she needed to go, had been more than confused with this trip. Stella had of course consulted many a map before she'd left, but they had all been rather useless. All the maps of the little town were back from her father's day. Up to date maps were non-existent.

She opened her eyes as something solid placed its head against her thing and gave a whine. She smiled at her beloved canine and rooting around in her bag, brought out an apple and a bone. She tossed him the bone and bit into the apple. "Here, Digs. Time for lunch."

tagged open <3
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notes based on the colourless Oakvale quest from Fable 2 ~ edit: due to this thread being a tad old, its quality isn't as great as I remember. should you reply to it, I promise future replies will be better. Prepare for lots of fighting in this too! xD
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