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Tales of Tequila and Bacon // Howard

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Tales of Tequila and Bacon // Howard

Post by Anastasia Orlova on Sat May 30, 2015 11:23 pm

sugar and spice and everything nice

All things considered, it could have been worse. Anastasia wasn't going to go so far as to say that she actually liked it here, but the place had a certain charm, once she had gotten over the lack of technology and the fact that she had cleary been thrown back in time to at least two centuries prior. But at least she had a home (something that she was infinitely grateful for, seeing how homelessness in this place seemed to be just as rampant as back home in Miami), a job, and she had a friend. She shouldn't have been as happy as she was about the fact that Dylan got pulled in with her; it was, after all, a horrible thing to happen. One second you're on a case kicking some bad guy butt, and the next you've been thrown back into a country that she'd never heard of that was clearly still stuck in the Victorian era. But misery loved company, and if she had to suffer this out, she was extremely glad that Dylan was here with her.

Charlie had clearly managed to get into Albion before any of them, for as soon as they'd walked into the local tavern to ask for directions and where they were, they'd intstantly been taken down the road their new home, all apparently bought and paid for by some mysterious stranger. Even here Charlie wouldn't let anyone know his true identity. He'd bought them a house not far from the river, a gorgeous two-storey affair, decorated as lavishly as possible. Nastia couldn't help but roll her eyes lovingly when she'd seen the place for the first time; nothing but the best for Charlie's Angels. So it had been in Miami, so it obviously was here. Which was perfectly fine by her - if she had to be stuck in this new land, she'd rather not be slumming it.

A very unlady-like yawn escaping her lips, Nastia half-heartedly brought the back of her hand up to cover her mouth as she walked into the kitchen, running a hand through her hair. Opening the cupboards, she stared within, her nose crinkling in distaste; though the cupboards were all stocked, there was nothing instant and it all had to be prepared. Oh how she missed instant breakfasts! Milk and cereal, or pizza from last night. Cooking for oneself was such a chore! The woman didn't enjoy cooking at the best of times, but breakfast time was the worst because she was ravenous, and when she was ravenous she wanted her food now. She was an impatient little thing and she detested waiting.

But there was nothing else to do. Tugging her corset down a little to stop it from riding up (mornings without bras were bliss, but a girl needed some support) and tugging the hem of her nightgown down, the brunette pulled out a frying pan and lit the stove. Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey! She was glad that out of all the things that were different here, at least Albion had those two food staples. As long as there was good ol' bacon in the world, everything would be ok.


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