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Lehigh Riding Academy ~ Updated Advert

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Lehigh Riding Academy ~ Updated Advert

Post by Sherlock Holmes on Sat Apr 25, 2015 9:46 am

So, this is an updated ad for my brainchild! :3 I'm working on reviving the place and I'd love to see you there!

Welcome to Lehigh Riding Academy! LRA is a fictional riding academy set in rural Pennsylvania state, in the fictional small town of Lehigh Valley.

Lehigh Riding Academy was founded roughly twenty or so years ago - its founders wanting to give the small town and students a chance at exploring everything one campus could contain about the equestrian world - from the challenges of Cross-country to the flash and speed of horse racing.

That legacy began twenty years ago though, and now, there seems to be rumors spreading throughout the town. Nothing major yet - just small talk and guessing comments. These rumors have to do with the academy's new head, one you'd judge as an outsider of the town if you didn't know her better. To the academy, she brings a not-so-subtle personality and a touch of spark, spunk, and recklessness that the peaceful little town isn't so used to seeing in one of their own horse-loving members. Some say the hand-off of administration and running is bound to cause nothing but trouble to the academy's prestigious reputation of producing fine riders with honest hearts, others say it's a step in the right direction to kick the academy the rest of the way into the big leagues.

Which it'll be is still anyone's guess, and only time will tell... Welcome to Lehigh Riding Academy.

♞ LRA is still young, and we're trying to bring it back and grow it into an active community, so there are plenty of places to put characters into action, and very little limit on where you can take your characters!
♞ 150 word count
♞ We're looking to grow the community into a fun place that's open to everyone with any level of experience in both horses and role playing! With little already set in stone, we'd be happy to have you come and help us shape Lehigh into a place that's fun and interesting for everyone and to make it into a large academy where the members can come up with their own ideas for twists in the overall story line of the academy!
♞ A site majorly focused on original characters; you can even get together with a few friends to create an entire social order within the academy if you'd like! What's an academy without some students that are out to cause trouble for the others?
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