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Queen Stella Beck

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Queen Stella Beck

Post by Queen Stella Beck on Wed May 07, 2014 12:34 am


| basics |

name;; Queen Stella Rose Black Beck
nicknames;; Stell, Milady, My Queen, Hero of Brightwall
age;; 24
sexuality;; Bi-curious
marital status;; Single
group;; Royalty

| appearance |

height;; A bit taller than your average Albionite female
build;; Slender build. Stella has a rather boyish figure that she used to be self-conscious about but not any more. When she was young, she only wore dresses and skirts, feeling that pants would make her look like a boy. Even when exploring she was often seen in leggings and a skirt. Though she was a confident child, she did not feel confident when she looked into the mirror. She felt that she looked too boyish for a princess. However once puberty hit, Stella discovered that in terms of womanly assets, her mother's genes had been really kind to her. Her body image soared and she rather enjoyed the fact that she now looked more girly.
hair color;; Brown. How it looks depends on her mood, but generally she wears it in the style that she's had it ever since she was a teenager - a plait with bangs framing her face and a sharp fringe across her left eye. Sometimes she wears it in loose waves and has dyed her locks auburn several times, but generally she sticks to being a brunette.
eye color;; Brown
tattoos;; None. Yet.
defining characteristic(s);; She has many scars all over her body from her many battles. First she was extremely self-conscious over them, but now she has grown comfortable with her own skin and doesn't mind them as much, though at times she does still have moments of self-consciousness. The scars glow a pale blue whenever she uses magic.
clothing style;; Though she enjoyed pretty dresses when she was young, now Stella prefers wearing casual clothes as opposed to the flashy dresses and jewels that a woman of her rank are supposed to wear all the time. To her they are simply not practical enough for day-to-day adventures and get in the way. Most of the time she can be found wearing a cotton blouse with a corset cinching in her waist, and either shorts or tight-fitting pants, tucked into boots which usually reach her mid-calf. Stella usually does not wear make-up, having decided that it takes much too long to put on and makes her look rather scary when it begins to run after battle. However she does enjoy dressing up for special occasions, especially for balls and parties. At such times (when fighting should not be necessary and practicality can be forgotten) she enjoys wearing lavish dresses and jewellery, and loves it when someone else does her make-up for her (being rather clueless when it comes to that sort of thing).
face claim;; Gemma Arterton

| the fallen angel |

personality;; Stella, though she can doubt herself sometimes, is a loyal and noble leader. Despite the loss of both of her parents, there was still a smidgen of naivety and innocence that Stella managed to keep. That was lost the day that Logan forced her to pick who she was to execute. Since embarking on her travels Stella has become more world-weary and dissillusioned by the world she lives in. She tries to look for the good things, but sometimes it's much too hard. Even now, with the kingdom back to normal she sometimes finds it hard to think on the positive side. At times like these she she likes to visit the children at Bowerstone who always manage to cheer her up with their infectious childish joy. A couple of the kids call her "superhero" and that always manages to get Stella smiling and feeling happy with the state of things around her.

She bottles up her feelings, emotions and dreams, not sharing them with anyone, not even Jasper. At times everything gets too much and Stella can fall into a deep depression which may last many days. Other times she feels utterly bored and restless, not knowing what to do with herself. Those days she wanders around the castle until she decides to either visit Page or Jasper sends her off to do something other than mope about. She has a temper which worries her at times. Though she can normally control it well and keep it hidden, sometimes she just breaks. At those times she tries to get away from anyone that she may potentially hurt and does something like swordfighting and spell-casting practice. Usually she takes off to places inhabited by the undead to unleash all her anger out on them. If she's at home at the castle, swordfighting dummies and her pillows get the full brunt of her rage.

Having only had one relationship in her whole lifetime, Stella is pretty hopeless when it comes to flirting. Most of the time she cannot differentiate between if someone is flirting with her or they're just being really friendly. She can be charming and flirty when she needs to be, but usually she rather fails when it comes to the latter. Since she keeps her emotions hidden well, it is hard to tell what she's usually thinking about you. Her default expression is one of polite curiosity which makes people more inclined to stop and talk with her. Stella is polite and civil to almost everyone, however if she does not like you she will either make an excuse to leave, or will be curt and snappy until she can leave. Around her friends is the only time that Stella lets her guard down. Around them she's more cheerful, joking, relaxed and happy.

family members;; King Sparrow Black (Hero of Brightwall): father; deceased. Queen Natalie Black: mother; deceased. Prince Logan Black: older brother, ex-ruler of Albion; alive. Rose Black: aunt; deceased. Theresa (blind Seeress): ancestor; alive. William Black: ancestor; deceased.
other important figures;; Jasper: butler and caregiver of sorts. He used to look after Stella and Logan when they were youngsters, switching to become first attendant to Logan and then butler to Stella when the two grew up; alive. Sir Walter Beck: mentor and combat trainer, acted like a father to her when King Sparrow was gone; deceased. Ben Finn: good friend, crush, huge flirt and ally in the revolution; alive. Page: leader of the Bowerstone Resistance, best friend and ally; alive. Sabine: leader of the Dwellers, ally and friend; alive. Kalin: Leader of the Aurorans, ally and close friend; alive.

occupation;; Queen and Adventuress
skills and talents;; Stella uses mainly magic and her sword when fighting, not being very skilled with guns. Her sword has pale blue runes markings on the blade and the woman is never without it. The markings depend on her morality and Stella finds that this is a good way to judge her actions in the long run. For her magic, Stella uses spell gauntlets in her casting. Her favourite gauntlets are: fire, blades and force push (which pushes enemies away). She mixes and matches with these main three depending on which part of the world she goes to, since some spell combinations work against certain monsters better than against others.

Born as the second child to the royal family, Stella was a healthy and healthy child. She was named Stella Rose, a tribute to her father's sister. From an early age she displayed a healthy curiosity and was always exploring, her mother and Jasper dashing about close at her heels so she wouldn't injure herself. She looked up to her older brother but their relationship was awkward, with the prince keeping his sibling at a certain distance away from him emotionally speaking.

Stella's childhood went by without much drama, save for a handful of incidents. When the girl was 10, her mother fell critically ill. The best doctors in Albion came to help the queen but a cure wasn't found. Stella had to watch her mother getting weaker and weaker as the weeks went on and still nothing could be done. The young girl would spend most of her days in bed with her mother, reading books to her and napping by her side. A year later the queen died. It had been a sunny day when Queen Sparrow finally managed to get out of bed. With the help of her husband and her maid, she got dressed and went out into the gardens, Stella running along beside her parents. The girl was extremely excited; maybe her mother would finally get well! The king and queen sat down on a garden bench, conversing. The young princess made a daisy chain and ran over, gently placing it on her mother's head. A kiss on the cheek and an "I love you, Mamma" later, Stella was off again, wanting to make her mother a giant bouquet. When she came back, the queen was sleeping. Or so Stella thought. The young girl tried to wake her but she would not wake. Her father was near tears but managed not to break down until much later that night when Stella snuck into his room and heard him crying. No one would tell her what had happened or where her mother had gone. All Stella thought was that her mother had gone on a holiday and that she would return. Only after several years had gone by did Stella learn the actual truth.

Eventually, life returned back to normal. Or as normal as it could. King Sparrow was a wise and just ruler and the kingdom were happy. During her teens, Walter began teaching her how to properly fight, with real (dulled) swords. The pair would practice every several days and eventually Stella became a skilled swordswoman. She no longer spent her time exploring and instead found sanctuary in the royal library amongst the books. They let her escape her life at the castle which she found boring and too full of sad memories of her mother. At 13, she met Elliot met when a boy named Percy attempted to kiss her. Elliot intervened and exclaimed to the other boy: "You have insulted this maiden's honour!" The pair got into a fight and later Stella gave Elliot a handkerchief for his busted lip. The two became close friends and later on, when they grew older became girlfriend and boyfriend.

When she was 16, Stella's father died and Logan took the throne. At first he was a kind leader but slowly things began to change. He began to change into a tyrant and Albion became a harsh and cruel place to live in. One morning at the age of 20, Stella learns of a riot taking place outside the castle. Walter goes to speak to Logan, and Elliot insists that they go talk to Logan as well. Logan, feeling betrayed by his sibling, forces Stella to choose between the life of Elliot or the lives of the leaders of the riot. Elliot, knowing that Logan is not bluffing, tells Stella to pick him. Almost in tears, Stella ends up picking him and he is led off. She tells Logan that she will never forgive him.

Later that night, Walter and Jasper take the princess, along with Digger out of the castle through the tomb of her parents. There, Stella is given the Guild Seal and meets Theresa in the Road to Rule, who confirms she is indeed a Hero. The Seeress also mentions that she guided her father to power 50 years ago. She encourages Stella to gather allies to claim the throne of Albion and to improve her skills.

Stella and Walter travel to the Dweller Camp of Mistpeak Valley and meet the Dwellers along with their leader, Sabine. Sabine requires proof of Stella in order to trust her. First, Stella travels to Brightwall and locates an item belonging to her father which is said to be in an underground cavern beneath the academy there. Stella does so, fighting off hordes of Hollow Men, and finds the item: the music box her father used to defeat Lucien Fairfax. Back at the Road to Rule, Theresa shows Stella a vision of how far Logan had fallen, and it convinces Stella even more to stop Logan once and for all. Next, Stella is asked to stop the mercenaries hassling the Dwellers. Finally, she is asked to bring food to the starving Dwellers. Afterwards, Samuel, the librarian of the the Academy, dubs Stella as "Hero of Brightwall", and asks for a promise to reopen the Academy. Samuel then sends deliverers to give food to the Dwellers in Dweller Camp for Stella. With the music box, security, and food given to Sabine and his people, the Dweller leader also makes Stella promise to give back the mountains to the Dwellers if they follow her into battle.

Next she meets Walter at the Monorail Station, but the monorail is attacked by Hobbes, and the two warriors fight their way through to Mourningwood, where an old fort is run by two of Walter's friends, Major Swift and Ben Finn. After helping them defeat a legion of Hollow Men, Swift, Finn, and the soldiers agree to follow Stella, as long as she promises the guards to be able to, "protect Albion's people, instead of oppressing them". Leaving the fort, Walter and Stella travel back home to Bowerstone. Arriving in Bowerstone Industrial, they go through the sewers and meet Page, the leader of the Bowerstone Resistance. After some initial distrust, Page has Stella join her in a rescue mission in Reaver's mansion in Millfields. Disguising themselves, Stella and Page enter the party, but are soon forced to battle against the monsters inside via Reaver's Wheel of Misfortune. Afterwards, when Page tells Reaver who Stella is, Reaver allows them to leave with Kidd, the only survivor. Page pledges herself to Stella's cause, but only if she promises to take care of the poverty and oppression in Bowerstone Industrial.

A herald then announces that Logan has an address to deliver. Stella and Ben Finn fearfully go to the front steps of the castle, where they witness Logan order one of his solders to execute Major Swift for treason. Luckily, Swift passed a message on that allies could be found in the desert city of Aurora. Stella, Walter, Finn, and Page make their way to the docks to secure a ship; Page remains behind while the other three make their getaway. However, on their way, one of Logan's ships attacks them and all of them are shipwrecked on Aurora. Ben is missing, so Stella and Walter go looking for him along the Unknown Shore. Travelling through many dark caverns, Walter and Stella are taunted by the Crawler, who eventually kidnaps Walter and begins to corrupt him. Stella manages to save Walter and they both make it outside. Forced to leave Walter behind due to his weakness from being possessed, Stella goes looking for help as she crosses the desert, while the Crawler taunts her with visions of Walter along the way. Stella eventually passes out, but is found by Ben and Kalin, leader of the Aurorans, and brought to the temple in their city for aide, along with Walter. After recovering, Stella and Ben learn from Kalin that the Crawler and its army came to Aurora five years previously, based themselves in Shadelight and had been a menace to the city since. She also tells how Logan came there four years ago and witnessed the death of his allies to the Crawler and promised to make Aurora an equal part of Albion and give the land protection, a promise he never upheld. Stella makes the same promise and so the Aurorans join her cause. Stella visits Theresa once again, and she says that Stella has the army ready to take the throne from Logan. With all her allies and a recovered Walter gathered, Stella decides now is the time to attack Albion.

With the help of her generals and their soldiers, Stella attacks from Albion through the Bowerstone Old Quarter and defeats Logan's Elite Soldiers and, along with Walter, make it to the castle. They bust down the door of the war room, where Logan immediately surrenders and offers to tell the truth of why he became a tyrant, but Walter says it would wait until Logan's trial. Stella is finally crowned the Queen of Albion. Now the ruler of Albion, in the day following the coronation, Stella has Logan stand trial for all his terrible deeds as king. Although many of the people call for his death, Logan says that he made his decisions because he had been visited by Theresa, who had warned him that the Crawler was slowly making its way to consume Albion in darkness and would subsequently consume the rest of the unnamed world as well. Hearing this, Stella spares her brother, though she is still extremely angry at him for what he put the people of Albion through.

Stella confronts Theresa, yet again in the Road to Rule, who tells them it was true: in exactly one year, the Crawler would attack Albion. One year after being informed of the attack, Stella and Hobson (the treasurer) convene in the treasury again. Hobson says "happy anniversary" to Stella and begins reading off the various trivial tasks on the day's agenda. Suddenly, Hobson is interrupted as a portal appears. Stella enters the portal, travels to the Road to Rule and is greeted by Theresa, who proceeds to reflect and comment on Stella's decisions as ruler over the past year before sending Stella out to face the Crawler in what she calls Stella's "true form", an angel; the ultimate manifestation of her morality. After leaving the Road to Rule, Stella is warped one day into the future in the war room, alongside all her allies, where Walter says it is time for the group to attack.

Stella, Walter and Ben Finn leave the castle and go to the Market, where they confirm that the Crawler is indeed attacking Albion. Stella and the others fight several of the monster's minions, as they make their way through the market, until she begins to confront the Crawler itself. The Crawler then makes a desperate move: it assumes control of Walter's body and attacks Stella with it. With little choice, Stella finally slays the evil creature, but also Walter as well. Walter says Stella made him proud, and dies in the arms of his student. Stella erects a statue commemorating Walter in the courtyard of the castle. At Walter's funeral, all of Stella's allies are present to farewell the noble man. Days later Stella changes her surname in honour of Walter, the man who taught her to be a Hero and turned her into what she is today.

| behind the fallen angel |

alias;; Calypso
experience;; Almost 9 years now
other characters;; Not yet..!
how you found us;; Created you
contact information;; PM
IMPORTANT EDITED NOTE;; I just realized just how much I screwed up Stella's family tree. The surname has been picked as I could only find one ancestor that actually had a surname. Assuming that the Hero lineage got passed down via males (which has been shown to happen most), it could have been passed down all the way to Stella. The Hero of Oakvale was male, and so was the Hero of Bowerstone, as it is shown in canon that Stella's father was the Hero before her. Her mother's name got changed because duh Rose is her aunt and her father marrying someone with the same name as his sister is creepy. And I realize that Black-Beck sounds stupider than Sparrow-Beck, but yeah. Walter was important to her.

| credits |

this application was made by kittymorphine at caution 2.0 & bellachanx at shadowplay; lyrics are from “Fallen Angels” from Black Veil Brides. Steal or take off the credit and I will have my army of zombies out to eat your brainz.

Queen Stella Beck

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