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Magical Bonds [IF] AU HP Marauder era '77-78

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Magical Bonds [IF] AU HP Marauder era '77-78

Post by Lily Evans on Sun Jan 25, 2015 8:33 am

It's 1977 and another lot of students have left Hogwarts for the final time, released into the real world where Voldemort is building up his legion of Death Eaters and the death toll is rising at an alarming rate. The Order are outnumbered and the Ministry can't even trust its own, with Death Eaters on the inside. Some people are only just realising how bad the situation is. Foreigners are alarmed when they come to Britain and find it battling a deathly war.

Maybe the Ministry needs to get help from outside. Maybe, just maybe, the foreign wizards will help them. Or perhaps they will join Voldemort's side. Nothing is secret, and if one side can get foreign wizards on side, the other can too.

Inside Hogwarts, the Marauders are in their final year and everything is changing. The students fear another attack like the one last November, where Death Eaters attacked them on their Hogsmeade weekend. They fear more death happening next time. Dumbledore is hosting duelling club, but will it be enough?

The future is uncertain.

This is an AU RP, where almost anything could happen. Different pairings, different scenarios, different outcomes. What if Lily and Severus became friends again? What if Peter never takes a trip to the dark side? What if James gives up on Lily and finds happiness with someone else?

So many 'what ifs' because anything can happen here. Come and join the fun!

Lily Evans

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