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Join Us, We Have Balverines // OPEN

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Join Us, We Have Balverines // OPEN

Post by Tayla Colt on Thu Jan 22, 2015 10:51 pm

lonely is the night when you find yourself alone
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Throwing the silver Balverine head down at her feet as she sauntered into the tavern and took a seat at one of the tables, Tayla leaned back in her chair and allowed herself a pleased sigh. Life was good. Despite not seeing Dean in several months, she'd gotten her life on track, realizing that she didn't need him to be happy. She loved him with all her heart, and she doubted she would ever stop, but there came a point in life where you had to stop pining like a lost puppy and get on with your life. She'd reached that point, passed it, and here she was - slowly working her way up the bounty hunter ranks.

She gave the decapitated head a slight kick, watching it roll around in a circle and come to rest in the same place, staring at her with its glassy dead eyes. Standing up, she walked over to the bar, ordering a beer to nurse for the night and a bucket of ice to keep the head from putrefying. A couple of minutes later with a bottle in hand, she walked back, gently kicking the Balverine head from one foot to the other as she took a drink. She normally didn't take souvenirs back to Captain Finn to prove how many kills she'd done. Souvenirs were messy and in her mind unnecessary. With some tasks such as hunting down mercenaries and Balverines, the more that were killed, the bigger the payout. But for such tasks proof was needed and for such things Tayla usually brought in chopped-off Balverine tails and blood-stained vests for the mercenaries. During such missions she lamented that Albion didn't have cameras - it would have been so much easier to get Captain Finn his proof with just a simple photo.

This morning she'd taken up another Balverine fighting mission as the population in Millfields didn't show any sign of decreasing; in fact Tayla suspected that they must have the reproduction cycle of rabbits because no matter how many extermination quests she and other bounty hunters did, the Balverines showed no signs of becoming an endangered species. Which wasn't great news for Albionites, but excellent news for Tayla who planned to profit off the wretched beasts for as long as possible.

A murmured "here we are ma'am" pulled Tayla out of her thoughts; her half-full bucket ice cubes had been brought over. With a cheery thank you to the barmaid, Tayla waited for the woman to be back to the counter before she stuffed the head in, covering it with ice. Drying her hands on her pants, she leaned back in her chair and took a long drink from her beer, the cold bitter liquid quenching her thirst. Her dark eyes roamed over the other patrons in the tavern, studying them. Humans fascinated her; they were such intriguing creatures.

OUTFIT this except without the cape, the hat, and the mask, and with just plain black boots not those fancy ones
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