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The Bowerstone Gazette // Simplified Lost Before The Dawn Timeline

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The Bowerstone Gazette // Simplified Lost Before The Dawn Timeline

Post by Queen Stella Beck on Sat Jan 03, 2015 7:27 pm

I've have come across a new way of making a simple time-line of everything that's gone on since the site has opened. Because it would be too difficult to get together all the threads and make links and descriptions to all of them, we have The Bowerstone Gazette. Admins will take events from threads and add them onto the time-line in small articles, like you'd find in the newspaper. This way anyone who wants to know what's going on can read up on it here, instead of having to go through all the threads to catch up. For example:

"Displaced individuls are appearing in Albion at an almost alarming rate. Albionites are assured not to worry as they do not appear to be a threat; indeed the queen already has three displaced individuals in her employ."

Add your own articles here. Once they're added, your post will be deleted just to keep things neat. Just make sure there is a thread backing up that article. It is, of course, assumed that the "gazette" is omniscient and has knowledge of facts that not everyone would know.

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Re: The Bowerstone Gazette // Simplified Lost Before The Dawn Timeline

Post by Queen Stella Beck on Sat Jan 03, 2015 8:14 pm

"A funeral for Sir Walter Beck was held this afternoon. Close friends of the Queen and of Sir Walter's gathered in memoriam of the fallen hero."

"The queen has reportedly been visited by a blind prophet, warning her of a great danger coming to Albion. Either the prophet does not know what the danger is, or refuses to divulge that information, as there is no word on exactly what that threat shall be."

"A displaced individual by the name of Mac Taylor has landed in the castle gardens this afternoon. Though originally perceived to be a threat due to his drawn gun, the queen found him to be peaceful and ended up lunching with the gentleman."

"A female called Daisy lands in Greatwood, near Rose Cottage. Welcomed by the region's demon door, she took up residence in Rose Cottage, cleaning up the house and making it her own."

"A male by the name of Jack Harkness (or as sources say he prefers to be called: Captain Jack Harkness) has landed in Silverpines. After helping to fight off the Balverines, he was given a place to live in and was treated like royalty in the hamlet."

"Seneca Crane, a displaced gamemaker has taken over the running of The Crucible. With new twists and new enemies to fight all for the chance to experience fame and fortune, this has become the best place to relax with an ale or ten, permitted that you enjoy death and bloodshed."

"When walking to Silverpines one evening, Jack encountered the Nomad. The two fought off Balverines, made their way to the village, and since he had nowhere else to go, the newly displaced Time Lord stayed in Silverpines together with Jack."

"Two more strangers, Tayla Colt and Dean Winchester, fall from the sky and right into Brightwood. They make themselves at home at the abandoned apple orchard, occasionally going out to hunt both for food and to rid Brightwood of the monsters that haunt the woods both by day and at night."

"Notorious assassin Scarlet Frost teams up with assassin Fendrel Sadon on a mission. After almost killing the barman at Riveter's Rest over a misunderstanding, they finish the mission and in the process become friends. Birds of a feather flock together.

"Aedan Cousland, a displaced warrior has landed in Mourningwood and is currently helping to keep its Hollow Men population down."

"Scarlet Frost enters the Crucible. Putting on an entertaining show, she walks out of there with the fame and fortune that is so highly coveted."

"A fight causes Tayla Colt to run away from her home and from Dean. She inadvertently stumbles into the bandit camp run by Calder Scabior and Scarlet Frost. The latter saves Tayla from being robbed and potentially killed, and though she refuses to let her go, she takes her under her wing, teaching her how to handle weaponry and how to hunt properly."

"A displaced male claiming to be an angel has fallen from the sky and landed in Greatwood. He was nursed back to health by Miss Daisy."

"Displaced teenager Katniss Everdeen becomes a contestant at the Crucible. It results in a reunion between her and Mr Crane, who had known her from their original world."

"During a Balverine-eradicating mission in Millfields, Tayla Colt meets up with Dean Winchester again after months apart. During that time her and Scarlet Frost had become lovers, however the displaced bounty hunter realized that her heart belonged with Dean and left with him."

"This evening Master Reaver threw one of his famous parties. Guests included Queen Stella and Prince Logan. Entertainment included Mac Taylor and Jack Harkness competing in the infamous Wheel of Misfortune."

"While indulging in some Hollow Men eradication, Scarlet Frost is joined by displaced detective Sherlock Holmes. Flirting while killing the undead creatures, the two finish off that night's lot of Hollow Men and spend the night together."

"Miss Daisy has taken over a stall in Bowerstone Market, converting it into a flower stall. Travelling to and from Bowerstone by a nearby cullis gate, she brings in fresh flowers and plants that she grows at her cottage."

"Two displaced individuals have landed just outside Brightwall. Reports state that Mr George Weasley and Miss Mary Stuart are not threats and have taken up residence in the local tavern, where they help out during the day in exchange for room and board."

"A further two displaced individuals have landed in Driftwood. Upon seeing that they pose no threat, Miss Daphne Greengrass and Mr Fred Weasley were given a spare caravan in the town in which they now reside."

"The queen has taken displaced Mary Stuart under her wing after rescuing her from bandits, and has adopted her as her sister. No word yet on how Prince Logan feels about this addition to the royal family."

"A body-guard has been employed for the protection of the queen's adopted sister, a displaced centurion by the name of Rory Williams. The queen asks that future applications for this position cease."

"Another two displaced individuals have landed in Bowerstone castle. The former, a Dr John Watson, has been employed as the castle doctor, while the latter, a Miss Anthea Blackwood has replaced Mr Hobson as the queen's royal aide."

"Displaced married couple Spirit and Rain Stonewell arrive in Bowerstone and are shown around the town by Daisy. Old acquaintances Anthea Blackwood and Greg Lestrade, who has only just landed in Albion, meet down at the market. It has been a very slow news day."

"Mac Taylor, officially named Albion's first displaced citizen has since then joined the Royal Guard and can be seen patrolling Albion to keep the peace. He was rumoured to be seen with a displaced pirate, one Miss Angelica Teach, but such rumours have not yet been confirmed."

"The Bowerstone Gazette needs to find a new synonym for both 'displaced' and 'individual' because at the rate they are coming into Albion, it is getting very repetitive. Lennox Avalon, another one of the displaced landed in the throne room today, right at the queen's feet. Reports later stated that he was eventually admitted into the Royal Guard."

"Court was interrupted today by Digger, Queen Stella's canine who has been missing for the past three days. He brought with him an almost dead fox cub; reports state that a mother fox who had been skulking around Millfields had been shot down earlier that week. The queen cancelled court for the rest of the week to nurse the cub back to health. The second cub was found and taken in by Miss Greengrass and Mr Weasley."

"The Magic Bottle, Bowerstone's favourite potions stall has a new owner. The stall has been taken over by Daphne Greengrass and not only features the potions that Albionites have come to love, but also some exotic ones of her own creation."

"A practical joke shop called Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes has been opened in Bowerstone Market. The shop sells joke products, fireworks, and a special beauty range especially for females. The shop front was built by displaced engineer Howard Stark."

"Prince Logan and his butler Briar-Rose Fontaine were spotted in the kitchen after midnight, relaying nightmare experiences and talking about life under Queen Stella's rule."

"The population of displaced citizens within Albion is growing. Another two such citizens have been found in Oakfield. The female, one Kiara Jasiri, and male, a Toothless Warren, were taken in from the freezing cold by a farmer couple who took pity on the mute individuals."

"Assassin queen Scarlet Frost was spotted in Driftwood, relaxing at the beach and sharing her troubles with fellow assassin Fendrel Sadon. Rumours insist that Sadon was dared to jump into the freezing ocean, though whether he did complete such a dare has not been confirmed."

"Fendrel Sadon and Jack Harkness were spotted in Brightwall. As the evening progressed, Captain Harkness taught the famous assassin a drinking technique called 'body-shotting'. The Bowerstone Gazette is still deciding whether such a thing will catch on in Albion, but it certainly looked enjoyable."

"The Yule Ball, an event that has not been operating for the past five years, was held at Bowerstone Castle. Many couples attended the event, such as Fendrel Sadon with his partner Jack Harkness, Sherlock Holmes and Scarlet Frost, Daphne Greengrass and Fred Weasley, and Mary Stuart and George Weasley. Reports claim that not only did Queen Stella attend the event, she also spent a lot of the night in the company of the handsome Captain of the Guard, Ben Finn."
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