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WE BUILT THIS CITY [jcink] post-potter | no wc | 6+ months

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WE BUILT THIS CITY [jcink] post-potter | no wc | 6+ months

Post by ~Kristina~ on Wed Dec 31, 2014 8:57 pm

the muggleborn revolution was just the start...

the year is 2022 and much has changed in the wizarding world. pureblood privilege is a thought of the past (except for some former death eaters) and there is a new group fighting for recognition: squibs. for years, the wizarding world has passed of their children without magical power to the muggles, where they often feel no longer accepted into the wizarding world. however, squibs have begun to stick up for themselves, fighting for magical education so they may live in the world they grew up in. after two years of picketing, the ministry has allowed squibs to attend hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, attending adjusted classes, such as "defense against the dark arts for squibs", etc. more and more squibs are coming out from beneath the carpet, excited to finally go to the school their families have been raving about for years.

however, not all is well on the home front. a group has risen up against squibs at hogwarts, called 'they who must not be named', placing pressure on pureblood students to join and fight against squibs as squibs simply try to adjust to their new environment. outside of hogwarts, things are going awry as well. the ministry is working hard to provide for the squibs, but many in high offices are fighting to get these new rights taken away. blackmail and bribery are common occurences in the ministry these days to either fight for or against the squibs, but the stakes are getting higher and higher. threats to families and loved ones have begun, all in the name of magic is might. many believe that resistance groups are going to start up another wizarding war. one thing is for certain, witches and wizards did build this city. but will the squibs conquer it?

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