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Hermione Granger

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Hermione Granger

Post by Hermione Granger on Thu Dec 25, 2014 10:46 pm


| basics |

name;; Hermione Granger
nicknames;; 'Mione
age;; 18
sexuality;; Straight
marital status;; Single
group;; Displaced

| appearance |

height;; 1,75 meters
build;; Well fit
hair color;; Light brown
eye color;; Brown
tattoos;; None
defining characteristic(s);; Bushy hair and the words 'Mudblood' on her arm
clothing style;; Hermione dresses freely. The girl is most likely to be seen wearing jeans and some tshirt. But she still makes sure that her clothes are well ironed, the colours go good with each other. She doesn't wear make-up,  unless it's a special occasion for formal clothes.
face claim;; Emma Watson

| the fallen angel |

personality;; Hermione is a very bright girl. She loves to read books and often is found with one. The girl always had tried to learn her school lessons before it even is given, giving her the reason why she always is top in her class. But also why a few people are jealous of her.

Besides being smart, she also is very stubborn. When she thinks of doing something,  the girl will do anything so she will get to the end of it. And really hates when she can't finish it or is interrupted in trying. Or if it turns out very hard to finish. She will try to get anyone in helping her.

Her stubbornness also makes her very ambitious. And that makes her plan everything. She always try to have some plan for anything that could happen and often expects the unexpected. Which helps her in being ready for any situation.

The girl is also very kimd. If yoi aren't a jerk to her she will be pretty nice. She searches for house elves rights and evem made her own company she called Sociaty for the Promotion of Elvish Welfare andtries veru hardly to make peple dontate and be part of it. Hermione juat has a very big heart when she isn't trying to make her friends study or when she is learning.

family members;; Her parents names are Harold Granger and Mary Granger. They are now in Australia, with their memories erased so they don't remember Hermione. All her grandparents are dead. She's an only child.

other important figures;; Her two best friends are Harry James Potter and Ronald Bilius Weasley.

occupation;; Originally lives at her parents house and Hogwarts during the school year. Now doesn't have one.

skills and talents;;  If it is something in school, she has the talant! The girl can do much things. She can draw (had to put that in). Subjects she does well in are pretty much all without things like art, sport, music, seeong in the future, Quidditch. Although these wont be in her need in this place,  she is very talanted with magic and basically her wand overall. The girl can do much spells and even studied dark magic just foe the heck of it! Whem she puys somethig to her mind, it must and will happen. And that is a skill not everyone has.

history;;Hermione is born on the 19th of September. She had a nice life before being 11. Most of the time she would be seen somewhere with a book. Of course, she also was one people would make fun of. Although she doesn't allow them to see, often times the girl is left crying. But everything changed when the fire nation attacked when she got her letter to this interesting school called Hogwarts.

At first she didn't believe the woman who had given her the letter. Magic isn't real! She can not be a wizard! It's impossible! But after a demonstration including the woman turning into a cat, Hermione believed her. On the same day they went to Diagon Alley to get her supplies for school. The rest of Hermione ' s summer was left with her examining and reading everything.

Than came her first year. First of all she meet a boy who had lost his toad. So she helped him with it. After meeting different people, including the Harry Potter, she couldn't believe how much different people where there. There also was this idiot who had dirt on his nose... She was sorted into the house of he brave, Gryffindor. At first she was alone until an incident including a troll, a feather and a spell made her friends with Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley. Soon they learn about a thing called the Philosopher Stone and that the bad guy, Voldemort, wants it. At the end they manage to save it.

Her summer wasn't much. She got worried when Harry didn't rely to her owls. That summer they also meet at Diagon Alley. When the two idiots didn't appear at the train,  she couldn't believe it. Learning they were flying a car to Hogwarts, the girl was angry with them at first. Later on she forgave them. More in the year things happened and it turned out that something was paralysing people. Main suspect was Harry because he can talk to snakes. Hermione learned what the treat was (a Basilisk) but got paralysed. When she woke, the battle was done with.

Her third year was her mostly being angry at Ron because of his rat. She also studied over time literally. They had given her angry time Turner so she could catch up with all her lessons. Along with that she was helping her friend Hagrid with a trail for his hippogrif and trying to learn more about Sirius. She also understood that Remus Lupin, her teacher, was a werewolf. At the end she was with Harry and Ron when they meet Sirius. After that they used her time Turner to save both, Sirius and the hippogrif.

Her forth year involved helping Harry with the Triwizard Tournament. And learning.  She also went with Victor Krum ti the Yule Ball.

Her fifth year was learning for her OWLS, trying to keep up with what is going on in the Wizarding World, helping Harry and the DA, knitting hats for house elves and having prefect duties. Overall, it was a pretty hard year for her.

She had passed all of her OWLS, all except one with an O. The one she had an E I  was Defence Against the Dark Arts. And she wasn't very glad from that. In her next year she had to try and not think about how her crush is going out with some idiot girl and study. Also kimd information on the weird Potions book Harry has. And study.

Because of the war Hermione couldn't return to Hogwarts, being a muggle born. Even if she could though, she would have been helping Harry find the horcruxes and defeat Voldemort. And they did. She destroyed the Cup of Hufflepuff during the Battle of Hogwarts. At the end they won. And she appeared here.

| behind the fallen angel |

alias;; None for now. May say it later on.
experience;; (just out of curiosity :3) Big. I'm on about five roleplay forums, all active, and I roleplay from when I was nine.
other characters;; None
how you found us;; Another site, don't remember which
contact information;; (what's the best way for us to contact you?)
Just a PM would be enough!


| credits |

this application was made by kittymorphine at caution 2.0 & bellachanx at shadowplay; lyrics are from “Fallen Angels” from Black Veil Brides. Steal or take off the credit and I will have my army of zombies out to eat your brainz.

Hermione Granger
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Re: Hermione Granger

Post by Queen Stella Beck on Tue Jan 06, 2015 11:34 pm

Accepted. Welcome to Lost! Smile You've been added to the canon list and have been put into the displaced group for now. Should you wish to change groups later, please let an admin know. Also please add an avatar when you get the chance to. Have fun! Very Happy
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