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Breakaway - fantasy, werewolves, real life

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Breakaway - fantasy, werewolves, real life

Post by badmin on Fri Dec 19, 2014 12:04 pm

    name of site: BREAKAWAY
    type of site: science fiction/fantasy - - > vampires/angels/etc
    site ad:

    The lives of the wealthy are almost always envied. It is no different in Liona Cove. To most, the Isle is a resort haven. Tourists come and go, having the times of their lives, and the concept of what happens at the Cove, stays at the Cove. For the residents of Liona Cove, life is somewhat different.
    The rich, are well, rich. Still, they have secrets, and the more money, more celeb status, the bigger the secrets. The more willing one is to pay to keep the secrets way back in the closets where they belong. However, in any life, while there are secrets, and the power to pay for silence, there is always someone else willing to pay a little more to dig a little deeper.

    Lives hang in the balance as treachery, secrecy, love, loss, and everything in between happens on the Isle. New construction is bringing in new residents. Liona University has been completed, and as the first term begins, how does the longtime residents fare? Not only is the University new, but the casino has been revamped, and to the locals it is like having Vegas right in their pocket.

    How will you live? Are you one of the wealthy? Are you one of the middle class, working to make a decent life for yourself and your family? What about one of those reporters? Stopping at nothing to get the scoop? Here in Liona’s Cove, we have it all. Come, you’re your own destiny, and maybe if you are lucky, you will have the time of your life. Is the Cove where your Heart thrives? Or is it where your revenge is plotted? Or perhaps is it where you make your breakaway?



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