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Toothless Warren

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Toothless Warren

Post by Toothless Warren on Thu Dec 18, 2014 2:41 pm


| basics |

name;; Toothless Mulhare Warren
nicknames;; Just Toothless, or, if you're upset with him, he responds perfectly well to his former title of 'useless reptile.' He also retains a series of nicknames given to him by mainly Hiccup, his former dragon rider and trainer, which include 'Bud' and 'Buddy,' but have also included names like 'Devil,' given to him before Hiccup revealed that he acted with hostility only when he felt threatened. He later earned himself the title of 'Alpha' after defeating Drago and his Bewilderbeast with the guidance of Hiccup.
age;; 34 as a human, and it is revealed by Valka that he is the same age as Hiccup as a dragon.
sexuality;; Straight
marital status;; Single
group;; Adventurers

| appearance |

height;; 6' (1.83 m)
build;; Tall, slim, and athletic.
hair color;; Brown
eye color;; Light Blue
tattoos;; This Strike Class symbol in black on the back of his left shoulder appeared after he was a human, signifying his roots as a Night Fury, which was a Strike class dragon.
defining characteristic(s);; If he were still a dragon, you would've easily noticed him by his cat-like build and him missing half of his tail, specifically his left tail fin. As a human, the remainder of this injury that he actually sustained because of Hiccup is a long scar on the back of his left leg that is only lightly faded.
clothing style;; Previously being a dragon makes this somewhat complicated, but, since he was transformed into a human, he has been clad in this, which nicely matches his former cloak of black scales.
face claim;; Chris Pine

| the fallen angel |

personality;; Toothless is mainly a friendly, playful, and curious soul who prefers to be out exploring than sitting cooped up anywhere. It is true that he can act hostile, but the key to that side of his behavior is a threat. He is a fiercly loyal being who has proven that he will defend with his life, if necessary, for those that he's close to and cares about. Although he's capable of being a bit annoying, he is also capable of a lot of compassion. You might have to work for his trust, but it is worth it, because the group that he does trust is not an easy group to get into. Just beware of his bad side, because, as nice as he can be, he is also capable of distrusting you and not allowing you to gain it back. His bad side is a side you don't want to be on, and he doesn't take to being used or betrayed very well. In short, he gives what he gets. If you treat him fair, he'll treat you the same.
family members;; Night Furies are one of the most rare races of dragons, so all that can be said about who his parents are is that the vikings used to believe that he was the offspring of Lightning and Death itself since he was a Night Fury.
other important figures;; Undoubtedly, his greatest friend was Hiccup, who acted as his dragon rider, trainer, and even saved his life when the vikings of Berk wanted to kill him in relation to the attacks and raids by dragons on the village.
occupation;; Adventurer
skills and talents;; As a Night Fury, Toothless possessed numerous abilities deriving mostly from natural ability, and several have followed him, although many have been dropped in the change of species. Probably the most notable of his abilities as a dragon that now help him as a human is his vast intelligence and skill in communication. Even as a dragon, Toothless was able to pick up on most of what was being said and he was and is a rather quick learner. He is also rather agile and strong, qualities he carried over from being a dragon, but have also morphed to better fit him in his new species as a human.
history;; Toothless is originally a Night Fury, a sleek black dragon hailing from the area around Berk. His history with Hiccup begins when the young viking shot him out of the sky with one of his inventions one night when dragons were attacking Hiccup's village of Berk. Toothless, although he had not stole livestock or food, had been shooting down the catapults the vikings were using to defeat the other dragons that were attacking them.

Hiccup's contraption took Toothless out of the sky and landed him tangled up just beyond Raven Point, outside of Berk. Since no one had believed him when he said he'd shot a Night Fury and had hit it, Hiccup had come looking for him and originally had plans to kill Toothless to prove to his father that he was capable of being a real viking. Hiccup ended up not killing him, and instead cut him free when he saw how scared Toothless was. Toothless responded by pinning Hiccup to the ground, staring intently at him for several long moments before roaring loudly in his face and leaping off in an attempt to take flight to flee, but Toothless had been crippled when he was taken down - his left tail fin had been taken off when Hiccup shot him out of the sky.

Toothless ended up being trapped in a small cove. There was a pond where he could attempt to fish, but he was unsuccessful in his attempts. With half of his tail missing, Toothless was unable to fly away, and Hiccup found him like this and began to observe him. When Hiccup dropped his pencil, Toothless heard it and saw the young viking watching him, but didn't take any action against him.

When Hiccup later returned, Toothless had positioned himself on a rock to wait for him. He doesn't attack when Hiccup comes, but he does growl at the young man, his hostility having a lot to do with distrust and uncertainty about Hiccup's intentions. When he got Hiccup to drop his dagger, Toothless dropped his hostility. Hiccup had brought him fish, and Toothless, being hungry, was happy to accept the treat when Hiccup offers a fish out to him. Originally, Toothless had appeared toothless, hence his name, but through this encounter, Hiccup learned that Toothless actually had retractable teeth, that he could put into use when needed. Toothless lunged forward and took the fish from Hiccup, swallowing it rather quickly before looking hopefully for more. He eagerly approached Hiccup, and, when the viking said he had no more, the dragon regurgitated half of his fish in order to share with him. With Hiccup's original hesitation, Toothless sat back and watched him expectantly and even attempted to smile when Hiccup took a bite of the fish and smiled at him.

That was when Hiccup attempted to touch him for the first time. With a snort and a slight flash of his former upset side, Toothless shook his head and made the short flight he could manage to the other side of the cove. The viking attempted one more time when Toothless laid down before Toothless looked back at him with a disproving expression and retreated to sleeping hanging from a tree. After several hours of proper rest, Toothless awoke once again to discover that Hiccup was still in the cove with him. Curious when he saw the young human scratching a drawing in the dirt, Toothless wandered over to him and looked at the boy's work over his shoulder, seeing that Hiccup was drawing Toothless himself. Inspired, Toothless stood and headed off, pulling up a small tree to use as his own stick for drawing, Toothless began to draw. When he was finished, Toothless tossed aside his tree and sat down to admire his work with a confused Hiccup in the middle. It was a maze, and Toothless growled whenever Hiccup stepped on one of the lines and was pleased when the young boy picked up on that he was to step in the areas created by the lines to travel through the maze. This led Hiccup to stand right in front of Toothless, who looked at him for a few moments before Hiccup attempted to touch him again, causing Toothless to growl softly in a sign that he wasn't fully pleased with the move until Hiccup closed his eyes and looked away. Toothless hesitated a moment longer before closing his eyes and pressing his face against the boy's hand. When Toothless opened his eyes again to see Hiccup looking hesitantly back at him, he pulled away, snorted, and moved away.

Hiccup then set to work to design a new tail fin for the downed Night Fury between his training back at the village. Hiccup has to redesign the tail fin many times, but each test brought Toothless closer to him until they became great friends. Then, one day, Hiccup accidentally led Astrid into the cove where Toothless was and Toothless is hostile towards her, assuming that she is a threat and he needed to defend his friend. It is only through Hiccup's words that Toothless eventually clams down, although he remains skeptical of Astrid since she still doesn't show full confidence in him and believes him to be the threatening one. Hiccup convinces her to let him show her how Toothless really is, but Toothless was not about to let her comments go without a little payback, so he takes the two teens on a wild ride before Astrid apologizes and he finally flies peacefully, taking the pair high up into the clouds on a beautiful aerial tour around Berk and its closest areas. It is also on this flight that the trio learned of where the nest of all the dragons were, which was what the vikings had been looking for so that they could stop the attacks on the village.

That plus the test in the arena with a Monstrous Nightmare for Hiccup puts strain on what to do with Toothless, because Hiccup fears that Toothless would be killed if his father were to be told about the nest. Sure enough, when Hiccup attempts to show the village what dragons were really like, the fight goes terribly wrong when the Monstrous Nightmare Hiccup had been with in the arena was threatened by Hiccup's father yelling for the fight to stop and became hostile again. Toothless heard his friend in distress all the way from his cove, a testament to his finely-tuned hearing, and rushed to help his friend, which led to his capture.

Hiccup's father used Toothless to get to the nest, and the following battle proved to be just what Hiccup had warned his father it would be, which was more than they were expecting because of a dragon called the Red Death. Hiccup had been left back at Berk with the other teens that had been learning to fight dragons with him while he was helping Toothless, and he had convinced them to ride the school dragons with him to free Toothless and help the other vikings win the fight against the Red Death. With the help of Hiccup's father, Toothless is freed and then the bonded pair take to the sky to defeat the huge dragon that was behind the other dragons' relentless attacks on Berk. Hiccup uses Toothless's black camouflage and plasma blast shooting abilities to do what Toothless had done earlier to a small Terrible Terror who had tried to steal his fish - use the Red Death's fire against her by shooting a plasma blast into its open mouth to ignite the gas the dragon was using to breath its own fire. The plan works in the end, although Toothless's tail fin was burned up by the fire and Hiccup got knocked off of him. Toothless narrowly manages to save his friend from getting killed in the encounter by grabbing him and protecting him with his own body. Even with this done, Hiccup did lose a foot from the fight, but Gobber helped both Toothless and Hiccup adapt the system Hiccup had been flying Toothless with to fit Hiccup's new condition so the pair could keep flying.

After this, Toothless and Hiccup take to exploring areas beyond Berk, which leads to him and Hiccup discovering Valka, Hiccup's mother, and a coming threat for a man named Drago, who, along with his Bewilderbeast, is taking control of the dragons through fear to build a dragon army. Through his strong bond with Hiccup, Toothless manages to challenge Drago's Bewilderbeast, making the other dragons nominate him as their new Alpha after he defeats him and Drago is left defeated, but Stoick, Hiccup's father, was killed when Toothless, who had at that time been under the control of Drago's Bewilderbeast, was ordered to kill Hiccup. Stoick got in front of Hiccup and sacrificed himself in order to save Hiccup, who, after the events were resolved, became the new chief of Berk in his father's place and had Toothless back to his old self to be with him.

Toothless was brought into Albion as a human one day when he was sneaking about from Hiccup to avoid going on another flight and was transformed into a human on the trip to Albion.

| behind the fallen angel |

alias;; McKenzie, the crazy plot master Dracula, and the rest of the character army are behind this character being added in the first place. We were going to give him a proper name, but 'Toothless' just stuck. I couldn't let him go.
experience;; Psshhhhtttt. I have no clue. How about we call it I started after the first season of CSI: New York aired and before the eight season concluded. xD And, obviously, I'm still going.
other characters;; *flails* Wait... wait... Nevermind, I don't know... A lot. (An army that is one half of the Armada. Psshhttt, we got an Albion army now!)
how you found us;; Messaging conversation that I still laugh and giggle about in late hours of the night even though I shouldn't. Blame Caly. It's all her fault. xD She's made my characters into alcoholics. Made me adopt more. The whole nine yards, really. xD What's not to love about the family, though? x3
contact information;; Psstttt... I got a secret to tell you... I <3 messages. x3 Any account will do, but Mac or Fendrel are your best bets since they are the leaders of my great, small, but mighty character empire. xD

| credits |

this application was made by kittymorphine at caution 2.0 & bellachanx at shadowplay; lyrics are from “Fallen Angels” from Black Veil Brides. Steal or take off the credit and I will have my army of zombies out to eat your brainz.

Toothless Warren

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Re: Toothless Warren

Post by Queen Stella Beck on Fri Jan 02, 2015 10:31 pm

ACCEPTED! Very Happy Your moolah has been added for your bio length, and you're all free to go wreck havoc with this adorable dragon! Very Happy
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