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Prince Logan Black

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Prince Logan Black

Post by Prince Logan Black on Tue Dec 09, 2014 1:25 pm


| basics |

name;; Prince Logan Beverly Black
age;; 31
sexuality;; Straight
marital status;; Single
group;; Royalty

| appearance |

height;; 6' 1'' (1.85 m)
build;; Strong, slim, athletic, tall. (Before his sister led the revolution against him being king, he could easily stand taller than her and glare down at her as an addition to his usually harsh and commanding words.)
hair color;; A rather dark shade of brown, almost black.
eye color;; Dark Brown
tattoos;; None
defining characteristic(s);; He has several scars on his lower face.
clothing style;; Even stepping back down to prince, Logan hasn't lost his sense of style, and now usually can be found wearing something of this sort.
face claim;; Ben Barnes

| the fallen angel |

personality;; At one point, Logan was a fair ruler, but he is by far more known for his harsh rule after a trip to Aurora. Many of Albion hate him for his choices that led much of Albion into a state of near-disaster by jacking up taxes and various other penalties that hurt the lives of the citizens, but he has expressed his reasons for it. He was even glad to be rid of the throne when his sister took over.
Despite his dirty work trying to ready Albion for the inevitable attacks of the Crawler, he does still care for his younger sister, no matter how lowly he treated her by acting like she was a child and leading Albion the way he was. There was a time that he even expressed a sort of disguised pride in how far she'd come as developing into a strong young woman and a steady-handed ruler that would no doubt rule the kingdom fairly. So, as much as you want to doubt it based on the surface, there's a heart in this former tyrant, and, yes, he does care quite a good bit about his younger sister.
family members;; King Sparrow Black (Hero of Brightwall) - father (deceased), Queen Natalie Black - mother (deceased), Queen Stella Beck - younger sister and now ruler of Albion, Rose Black - aunt (deceased), Theresa - ancestor and blind Seerees, William Black - ancestor (deceased)
other important figures;; Reaver - a strong ally of his and a rather good friend, Walter Beck - formerly his royal adviser, and, although they were close at a time, he refused to let Walter's opinions sway the way he ruled when he was on the throne, although he later attended Walter's memorial service after his sister's defeat of the Crawler.
occupation;; Prince of Albion
skills and talents;; He has skill in battle, having survived an exploration of Aurora where he says he first met the Crawler and Darkness with the men he had with him.
history;; Logan was and is the oldest of the children of the Hero of Brightwall, and therefore took up the role of Albion's king after his father's death. In his first years as ruler, he led fairly and was considered a just ruler, managing that and continuing Albion's Industrial Revolution all at once.

But that kind of rule didn't last forever. After an expedition with several of his men to Aurora, Logan found out about the darkness and the Crawler. Him and his men ended up in a fight with the creature, and Logan's men were quickly killed. With the help of Kalin, the new leader of the city of Aurora, he survived the encounter himself. To thank her, he promised to protect Aurora from the darkness, which had been a greatly overpowering enemy to them that had destroyed much of Aurora and its people. When he returned to Albion, he came back changed, and began to lead very differently. It was the time that he became a tyrant.

Encountering the blind seer Theresa upon his return to Albion, Logan learned that the darkness would come to attack Albion in just five years. In desperation to keep the kingdom from being entirely wiped out, Logan began ruling harshly. In order to raise money to fund an army to fight the coming threat, he raised taxes stiffly, shut down education systems, and ended up handing control of the economy over to Reaver, which resulted in extremely poor conditions for workers, as child labor became common and poor wages were employed in order to keep costs down and profits up.

The protests against his rule were quite evident, and his younger sister Stella and Walter confronted him about his decision to have his guard shoot the protesters, who had gathered close to the castle. Despite their protests against the act, he moves forward, even forcing the decision on whom to execute on Stella by making her choose between Elliot, a close friend of Stella's, and the leaders of the riot. When she made her final decision, he took her threat to never forgive him for what he's done coolly and told her, "Good. Then you'll never forget it."

After that conflict, his younger sister went about gathering followers to lead a revolution against him, and, when she and Walter later return to the castle after the fighting of the revolution, he surrenders to them without protest. When he is later put on trial for what he had done as king by his sister, who had become the Queen, he explains to her that he acted as he did because of what Theresa had told him and tells her of the coming darkness that will wipe out the kingdom and anything else in its path if it wasn't taken care of and confronted. For this, he is spared by his sister, and he expresses that he is grateful for the choice and is happy to be off the throne and leaving the fate of Albion in what he believes to be the now very-capable hands of his sister.

| behind the fallen angel |

alias;; McKenzie (And Dracula, the plot master. xD)
experience;; Years that I've lost track of. C'mon, you know me by now. xD
other characters;; Nehhhh, do I really have to list my army? (I will, just to annoy you, with love. xD) Mac Taylor, Sherlock Holmes, Fendrel Sadon, Alianora Walton, Spirit Stonewell
how you found us;; Caly
contact information;; Messages, loves. (I love messages. ^.^)
Notes: Caly, lemme know if I need anything else. I was a little touch and go on exactly what to say and I was kinda sorta doing most of my work by checking back to Stella's intro, so if I missed something/need to change something, lemme know please! Wink

| credits |

this application was made by kittymorphine at caution 2.0 & bellachanx at shadowplay; lyrics are from “Fallen Angels” from Black Veil Brides. Steal or take off the credit and I will have my army of zombies out to eat your brainz.

Prince Logan Black

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Re: Prince Logan Black

Post by Queen Stella Beck on Tue Dec 09, 2014 6:26 pm

LOGAN! DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SNOWMAN?! IT DOESN'T EVEN HAVE TO BE A SNOWMAN! I NEVER SEE YOU ANY MORE, SO COME OUT THE DOOR!  ACCEPTED!! <333 Stella is so excited about having her brother even though he was a total tyrant and almost doomed all of Albion. Now have fun! Very Happy
Queen Stella Beck

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