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Post by Reaver on Mon Dec 08, 2014 1:09 pm

REAVER --- --- !

| basics |

name;; Reaver
nicknames;; Reaver
age;; 270
sexuality;; Bisexual
marital status;; Single and ready to crotch mingle
group;; Criminal

| appearance |

height;; 6'0''
build;; Athletic
hair color;; Brown
eye color;; Blue
tattoos;; He has a heart tattoo on his face, just under his eye.
defining characteristic(s);; He has several scars, five Dragonstomper .48s, The Inquisitor, The Channeler, and Bloodcraver, plus various other weapons that he's obtained through Reaver Industries.
clothing style;; He's wearing this.
face claim;; Matt Bomer

| the fallen angel |

personality;; Reaver has been described as being "amoral," bearing no concept whatsoever of morality. He is narcissistic, egotistical, and displays a near psychopathic disregard for life, which netted for him considerable profits during the Age of Industry. By cutting wages by 100% and by extending worker hours in utterly unsafe conditions and casually executing those who resisted his rules, Reaver became Logan's greatest asset.

Reaver also possesses some amount of sexual impropriety, and a total disregard of loyalty or fidelity. This is shown through his taking of several lovers of both sexes at the same time (when in the smugglers' caves below his house, he admits to three: Ursula, Penelope, and Andrew). He also offers the Hero of Brightwall and Page a chance to join him in the bedroom, further illustrating his utter lack of respect for even royalty. His promiscuity is used to highlight his pleasure-seeking, self-indulgent lifestyle and his overall lack of concern for others or their sufferings.

It is hinted that Reaver once had a soft side in the fifth entry of his diary, explaining that he did not know that the Shadow Court would kill the citizens of Oakvale. In this entry, he also states that he had a lover in Oakvale, lamenting 'her' death; the diary entry starts with him explaining about a recurring nightmare about these past events. At the end of this entry, he describes himself as a different man, saying that the man he was was a fearful, breakable man. His final words in this entry were, "I am not he... I am Reaver. And I will sleep much better after this chalice of wine." This suggests he has changed his identity and even personality to deal with the pain of his past.

He also has both a limited amount of patience and a vain disposition about his appearance: He shot both a sculptor and a painter for supposedly getting his statue and painting wrong, and finally shooting Barnum because the picture he took, while a perfect likeness, would take three months to develop.

Through his narcissism, his ego-maniacal nature, and his utter lack of respect for others, Reaver never shows any true signs of antagonism to even those who would consider themselves his enemies, viewing their attempts to foil him as almost amusing. This is best displayed in his attitude towards Page, who he regards as a playful rival of sorts rather than a true enemy. This can also be displayed in his relation with the Hero of Brightwall, who he addresses with a friendly candor even if they refused all his suggestions. He also adds that he enjoyed working with the monarch, and looked forward to doing so again.
family members;; Unknown
other important figures;; Hero of Bowerstone (Ally, Companion), Hammer (Ally, Companion), Garth (Ally, Companion/enemy), Theresa (Ally), Barry Hatch (Butler), Logan (Ally), Hero of Brightwall (Ally, Minor Advisee when monarch/enemy), Penelope (friend), Andrew (friend), The Shadow Court (Masters), Lucien Fairfax (enemy), The Crawler (enemy), Page (enemy), Penelope (enemy), Charles Griffiths (enemy), Wicker (enemy)
occupation;; business man & factory owner
skills and talents;; He's a skilled marksman and flirt extraordinaire. He's also a bit of a manwhore, successfully having managed to sleep with a good majority of Albion and is always attempting to entice others into his bed.
history;; Reaver is an ex-pirate turned business man, factory owner, and the Hero of Skill.

Reaver was originally born in Oakvale and is well known in Albion for being an excellent marksman. It is said that he would capture ships by shooting the captain from across the water no matter the distance or conditions. The more impossible the shot was, the faster the crew would surrender. When leading the Hero of Bowerstone through the tunnels of his home, in Bloodstone, he tells the player how much he loves a good 'scrap', exemplifying his willingness to fight and competence in battle.

He is blessed with eternal youth and often remarks on periods of time he has lived in. His immortality comes from a deal he made with the Shadow Judges in the Shadow Court. They sustained his youth at the cost of other peoples' through an annual ritual. Reaver's diary (which is found in separate entries throughout his "coastal paradise" in Fable II once the player has bought the house) states that this deal also contributed to the destruction of his own hometown of Oakvale.

Captain Dread, the most feared of all pirates in Albion, has come to an agreement with all other pirates that haunt the nine seas of Albion-they give him a cut of the profits, and he doesn't raid their ports of call. This arrangement, however, is utterly discarded by the young pirate Reaver of Bloodstone, who rebels against this policy by killing all of Captain Dread's envoys and sending their heads to the pirate king in a duffel bag. Outraged, the pirate king calls for a bounty on Reaver, only to be astounded when Reaver surrenders himself to Captain Dread.

While imprisoned by Captain Dread, Reaver kills Albion's most feared pirate by shooting an oil lantern next to him, which spilled onto his head and gave him a slow and painful death. With Captain Dread killed, Reaver obtains the title of "Pirate King".

After the Hero of Bowerstone recovered Garth, they sought Reaver to complete the Hero Triumverate that would defeat Lucien Fairfax, knowing him to be the Hero of Skill. Upon meeting the Hero of Bowerstone, Reaver demands that the Hero have a certain amount of renown before even considering an alliance. When the Hero returns, Reaver gives them a Dark Seal and sends them to the Shadow Court, with the sole intent of using the Hero's vitality as a sacrifice to the Shadow Court to keep Reaver young. This would also serve to weaken them for transport to Lucien for the sizeable bounty that the lord placed on the Hero. Whether or not the Hero actually sacrifices their youth or sacrifices that of another potential victim, Elizabeth, is up to the player.

Regardless of the choice made, Reaver is forced to abandon his plans when Lucien instead decides to claim the Hero of Bowerstone and the Hero of Skill by force, invading Bloodstone with an army of Shards and storming the town with Spire Guards. Forced into a temporary alliance of necessity, Reaver takes the Hero of Bowerstone through Reaver's Rear Passage, demonstrating his proficiency with firearms along the way. Once the duo join Garth and Hammer on Smuggler's Beach, they are beset by a Great Shard, which they destroy. Realizing that Lucien will hunt him down too, Reaver reluctantly joins the trio for the ritual at Hero Hill to summon the weapon capable of destroying Lucien when they are ambushed. Taken to the Spire by Lucien, Reaver is rescued by the Hero of Bowerstone, who confronts the power-hungry lord. Should the Hero of Bowerstone listen to Lucien's monologue in its entirety, Reaver will shoot Lucien for them, depriving them of the vengeance they sought for decades.

At the end of the main quest, Reaver travels to Garth's homeland of Samarkand, citing "exotic substances" and "uninhibited people" as his reasons. The fate of his smuggling operation (and its members) in Bloodstone is never revealed. In the legendary book "Reaver on Reaver", an autobiography, Reaver reveals that after Theresa transported he and Garth to Samarkand after Lucien's fall, Reaver indicates that he became disappointed in the place and eventually that he was responsible for Garth's death during his last night in a tavern there which lead to his departure. However, the book ends before he explains what happened or if he was successful in killing Garth. Based on the description of The Channeler Sword, it's possible that Garth survived the attack. In Fable: Edge of the World, it is confirmed that although Reaver had boasted in the book that he had killed Garth, his target had indeed survived.

In Fable III, Reaver has returned from Samarkand. With the rise of the Industrial age and with loose laws regarding employee treatment, Reaver has found an outlet for his greedy nature. Under the rule of King Logan, Reaver was granted control of the more benevolent industries of Professor Ernest Faraday when the professor refused to deliver his mechanical army to the monarch. Due to his profitable business tactics, including introducing child labour and cutting 100% of the employees' wages, Reaver became one of Logan's most powerful allies. Reaver runs the majority of Bowerstone Industrial, and is seen there when the Hero and Walter first arrive in the city. He quells a small strike from his workers at his main factory by shooting their leader four times, and explaining that any worker who rests longer than three seconds, whines, or breaks any other rule he may make up in the future, will be shot. Reaver MasqueradePage and the Hero of Brightwall attempt to infiltrate Reaver's mansion during a ball to rescue several captured followers, only to find themselves in a trap. Reaver has them locked in an arena and sent into neighbouring arenas to fight various enemies for the amusement of his guests, deciding on the enemy by using a device called the Wheel of Misfortune. After facing four rounds, the Wheel chooses Balverines, at which point most of Reaver's guests are revealed to be Balverines in disguise and have some sort of bargain with Reaver which he announces, after they attack the Hero and Page, that they are "even". After killing the Balverines, Page attempts to shoot Reaver, who, with unnatural ease, deflects the bullet with his cane. Page then mentions that her companion is the Prince/Princess, in which Reaver says he will "look forward" to collaborating with the Hero, if he/she is successful in overthrowing his/her brother and begins to walk out. Page makes another attempt to kill him, only for her bullet to hit the door, as he makes his way out and escapes from Bowerstone. With his absence, Page and the Hero were allowed to rescue Kidd, the only survivor.

If you purchased the Understone Quest Pack, the Hero is able to re-enter Reaver's Arena. There will now be two sets of megaphones on either side of the Wheel as well as a score board to the right. You then hear Hatch's voice coming from the speakers rambling about nothing, at which point Reaver berates him saying that they are recording. Reaver continues, saying that he has opened his Wheel to the public as a way to earn money without being required to be there.

In the second half of the game, after deposing Logan and the Hero's Coronation, Reaver acts as an advocate for the more corrupt sides of decisions you make. However, should you choose the moral path and reject his proposal, he will begrudgingly agree with you, admitting that the path you have chosen may be a useful one. It is unknown whether he actually believes this or is merely agreeing with you due to your position of power. Whatever decision you make, Reaver takes part in it, meaning he likely profits financially either way. If you decide to help restore Albion to its former glory or not, Reaver shows the player the results of their choices as if he is narrating a commercial.

After the battle for Albion at the end of the game, Reaver leaves you a letter in the War Room. In this letter he states he enjoyed collaborating with the hero in the throne room in his/her trials and hopes he will host future trials. He then says he hopes you did well in the battle and that he would not like to come back to a dead city. He states that he had to leave for an important, but wearying, errand, saying perhaps he will explain it in better detail someday. Players of the second game will know that he is off to make his sacrifice to the Shadow Court.

| behind the fallen angel |

alias;; Leda
experience;; Eight years
other characters;; Not listing, nope.
how you found us;; Calypso
contact information;; PM

| credits |

this application was made by kittymorphine at caution 2.0 & bellachanx at shadowplay; lyrics are from “Fallen Angels” from Black Veil Brides. Steal or take off the credit and I will have my army of zombies out to eat your brainz.


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Re: Reaver

Post by Queen Stella Beck on Mon Dec 08, 2014 1:42 pm

Accepted! The queen is already envisioning throwing him in front of the firing squad and charging an entrance fee for spectators to watch. Funds have been added into your account for both a 900+ word history and for taking an Albion's Most Wanted. Have fun! Very Happy
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