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Spirit Stonewell

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Spirit Stonewell

Post by Spirit Stonewell on Sat Dec 06, 2014 3:46 pm


| basics |

name;; Spirit Theodore Stonewell
nicknames;; --
age;; 20 (Technically, he was probably around 4 or 5 years old as a horse, but that was as a horse.)
sexuality;; Straight
marital status;; Married
group;; Displaced

| appearance |

height;; 5' 8'' (1.73 m)
build;; Athletic
hair color;; Brown
eye color;; Brown
tattoos;; --
defining characteristic(s);; His curiosity is his real give-away. He's always been curious, so, although he doesn't have anything specific to go off of physically, you can more than likely find him investigating something that he maybe should've left alone. It wouldn't be the first time, after all.
clothing style;; It's a little difficult since he was a horse, but now that he's a human, he's usually in something like this.
face claim;; Jake T. Austin

| the fallen angel |

personality;; Spirit has always been a fun-loving being, although he was much more mischievous in his days as a foal. He is also a free-spirit, refusing to be owned and instead fighting for his freedom when he was captured by the US Army to be domesticated into a cavalry mount and later by the Lokota tribe of the area.
As he grew into an adult, he became more mature and developed into a responsible stallion, selflessly protecting two unsuspecting foals in his herd when a cougar attempted to attack them. Even matured, he enjoys having his fun, and he has retained his fighting spirit over the years.
family members;; Strider (father), Esperanza (mother), Alma (grandmother)
other important figures;; Rain Stonewell (wife/mate), Little Creek (friend from the Lokotas)
occupation;; Displaced Lead Stallion
skills and talents;; His fighting spirit was how he managed to keep going, and it is what he has considered his greatest strength besides support of those closest to him and their memory.
history;; Born as a colt in the wild west of America, Spirit is the son of former herd leader Strider and the striking palomino mare Esperanza, daughter of Alma, who was a leader until deciding to merge her herd with the herd of Strider. When Esperanza and Strider got together, they later had Spirit, born as a little bundle of mischief and full of energy for exploring and having fun. He quickly became one of the most daring of the foals.

As he became an adult, he matured, although he certainly never lost his fun-loving attitude. Like his father before him, he took over lead of the herd. One day, he fights off a cougar that came to attack two unsuspecting foals in his herd, and that night, Spirit noticed something different and strange in the distance and, although he was highly discouraged by his mother to not take the chance, he went to check it out, anyways.

This leads him to be captured and taken in to be domesticated and used as a cavalry mount for the US Army. Spirit resists throughout his capture, managing to withstand several attempts at breaking, even managing to throw off the Colonel that Spirit had made a fast enemy of when he was first brought to be broken. With the help of Little Creek, a captured Lokota Indian, Spirit manages to escape and set the cavalry horses free.

This is when he meets Rain, who distracts him and catches his interest, allowing him to be captured again by Little Creek and taken back to the Lokotas. He was treated better with the Lokotas, and Little Creek let him spend time with Rain to "teach him some manners." Needless to say, he ended up falling for Rain. It was the first time Spirit really questioned what he truly wanted. He longed to be free with his herd again, but he also wanted to be with Rain, who was reluctant to leave her life with the Lokotas and her bond with Little Creek.

Later, the Army attacked the Lokotas, injuring Rain and recapturing Spirit. This leaves Spirit in a rather vulnerable state, and he puts up no fight as he is taken and loaded into a cattle car with several of the other horses from the Lokotas on their way to be used to work on the railroad heading through the west. Spirit cooperates with this work until he realizes that they are running the tracks straight towards his homeland where his herd is living.

Faking exhaustion, Spirit managed to free himself and rid himself of most of the harnessing he had been put in for the work. He then manages to free the other horses through quick thinking and acting, and he also destroys both trains. While fleeing from the fires and destruction caused by his wrecking of the trains, the collar that had been left around his neck got caught on a fallen tree and left him caught. Luckily, Little Creek showed up to save him, and together, the pair fled.

They later find out that the Army had followed them after their escape, which leads to a chase where Little Creek and Spirit navigate complicated canyons to shake their chase before leaping a large gap to escape the pursuing Colonel and his men. By leaping the large gap, a seemingly impossible jump until Spirit took it, Spirit and Little Creek escaped the pursuit and then returned to Little Creek's village where Rain is revealed to be alive and well.

It was a long goodbye then, but Spirit and Rain both left the village, Spirit taking Rain back to his herd as his lead mare. Things settle down in the herd, and eventually, Spirit decided with Rain to move the herd to new grazing grounds for the new season, and that's when they found themselves sucked into Albion and in an entirely new form with little idea as to what happened to them and where they were. Spirit is at least glad that he still has Rain with him, and that has eased slightly the turbulence of being dropped into a new world.

| behind the fallen angel |

alias;; McKenzie
experience;; Who knows? Several years, at the least.
other characters;; (No 'just characters.' I'm building an army now!) Mac Taylor, Sherlock Holmes, Fendrel Sadon, Alianora Walton
how you found us;; An invite from Caly! :3
contact information;; (what's the best way for us to contact you?)

| credits |

this application was made by kittymorphine at caution 2.0 & bellachanx at shadowplay; lyrics are from “Fallen Angels” from Black Veil Brides. Steal or take off the credit and I will have my army of zombies out to eat your brainz.

Spirit Stonewell

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Re: Spirit Stonewell

Post by Queen Stella Beck on Sat Dec 06, 2014 6:06 pm

This is too freakin' cute. I am dying of this adorableness right now! ACCEPTED! <3 You've been added everywhere important, so have fun! Very Happy
Queen Stella Beck

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