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Captain Benjamin Finn

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Captain Benjamin Finn

Post by Captain Ben Finn on Thu Dec 04, 2014 12:55 am


| basics |

name;; Benjamin Finn
nicknames;; Ben
age;; Twenty-nine
sexuality;; Pansexual
marital status;; Single
group;; Military

| appearance |

height;; 5'10''
build;; Athletic
hair color;; Blonde
eye color;; Blue
tattoos;; ---
defining characteristic(s);; Sword, Steel Flintlock Rifle, Steel Flintlock Pistol
clothing style;; He typically wears a uniform.
face claim;; Jeremy Renner

| the fallen angel |

personality;; Ben Finn is is Albion's top playboy, a fact that he's rather proud of. He likes his women hot and strong-minded (and even stronger-thighed) and his males attractive enough that he doesn't have to put a paper bag over their head mid-shag. He is a complete peopleizer (like a womanizer, except Ben's not fussy about gender) and will flirt with anyone attractive that has a pulse. He likes good food, strong liquor, and having someone for company on long and lonely Albion nights. He has a cheeky sense of humour and is very chatty, especially in situations that don't call for it. He is often being told to shut up, something he clearly doesn't listen to. He enjoys telling others of his adventures and has a knack for story-telling. Throughout his life he had a hard time keeping on the right side of the law. As hard as he tried, he always ended up working with the bandits and the lowlifes. However his longing to belong somewhere plus the desire to have a new family and a group of people who cared for him led him to join the Army, which proved to be good fit for the adventurous bloke with a strong sense of wanderlust. He is strong, brave, extremely loyal, and very protective of the ones he cares about.
family members;; Unknown Mother, Unknown Father, Jason Finn (oldest brother), William Finn (older brother), Quentin Finn (older brother)
other important figures;; Major Swift (Commanding Officer, friend), Walter Beck (Friend, Ally, Comrade), Hero of Brightwall/Stella Beck (Friend, Ally), Page (Friend, Ally), Sabine (Ally), Kalin (Ally), Jammy (Serviceman, friend), The Swift Brigade (friends), Logan (enemy), The Crawler (enemy), Reaver (enemy), Droogan (enemy)
occupation;; Captain in the Albion royal army
skills and talents;; He's very skilled in ranged combat, and almost exclusively uses his gun during fights. Ben is a strong swimmer. In his book, he mentions that he instantly had a talent at firearms, even as a child.
history;; Benjamin Finn was born in the small hamlet referred to as Gunk, Ben being the youngest of four children. Throughout most of his life, Ben has never truly felt at home anywhere. Raised by his shop-keeping parents, who often struggled to buy shoes for Ben and his brothers and put food on the table, Ben and his brothers had to find other sources of sustenance, money and entertainment.

Despite his small hands, Ben was never as good as his brothers in the boys' main source of income: pickpocketing. Ben believes that this ineptitude was due in part to the fact that he recognized the immorality of pickpocketing, even at age eight. Instead, Ben earned money as a street performer, standing in the town square telling jokes and falling over repeatedly. Even though his jokes were crude, he believed the work to be honest - or at least it would have been had his brothers not taken the opportunity to rob the distracted villagers blind.

Because of his help in getting them their ill-gotten gains, on his eleventh birthday his brothers bought him a beautiful pellet gun, which he saw as the greatest gift he had ever received. It was with that pellet gun that Ben discovered his second talent: a rather surprising accuracy with firearms. It was not long after he discovered this fact that his brothers put his talent to "good" use. His brothers would set up a fair booth in which they challenged all comers to pit their target practice skills against Ben's. After fleecing all the locals, they soon had to rely on traders, passers-by and the occasional neighbouring villagers, out of which more often than not they would have been run out by the authorities.

While his accomplices spent or gambled most of their earnings, Ben saved every gold coin he could so that he could one day fulfil his burning desire to explore Albion and become a great adventurer like the ones he read about in two-penny pamphlets and third-hand story books. More than anything, he wanted to meet Heroes, even though he knew that their heyday had long since passed and that the ageing ruler of the kingdom was the last.

Collectable Painting BenIt was the death of this hero when he was fifteen that marked the beginning of a series of tragedies that were to befall his family. His oldest brother, Jason, was killed in a duel with an irate farmer that so happened to be the husband of Jason's last sexual conquest. They duelled with pitchforks, and since Jason had never done an honest days' work in his life, he made the fatal mistake of holding his pitchfork the wrong way. Shortly after Jason died, Ben's second oldest brother William was arrested for trying to run a con game on the wrong person (a passing plain clothes town guard). William was taken to Bowerstone and was never heard from again.
Ben's third brother, Quentin, accumulated enough gambling debts to have a price put on his head. Ben remembers Quentin's death most clearly since he was unfortunate enough to witness it. When the assassins and bounty hunters came in to collect, Ben did what he could to protect Quentin, but no matter how accurate Ben's shots were from his rifle, it didn't change the fact that he was shooting peas instead of bullets (as he had never been able to afford a real rifle).

It was no surprise to him when his mother died next, grief stricken by the loss of her three sons. Ben's mother left his father a drunken widower (though drunk only when he could afford it, poverty making his attempts to drown his sorrows harder). Even though Ben did what he could to help out in his father's shop, employing all his wit and charm to become a highly persuasive salesman. It was obvious that there wasn't much of a market for novelty toothbrushes in such a small village, especially one that made such an effort to avoid any form of oral hygiene.

Soon enough, Ben's father passed away (far more sober than he would have liked). It was then Ben resolved to leave Gunk for good, and to seek his fortune and adventures in the kingdom of Albion.

With what little gold he had saved in his youth now gone (having to spend it all on the quick succession of funerals and having to pay off his brother's gambling and business debts), he left his so-called home as penniless as he had entered it seventeen years ago. Unable to pursue his dream as an explorer, he found himself gravitating towards the main cities and doing a variety of jobs. He stacked books at the Brightwall Library, absorbing as much knowledge as he could about the world from them; served drinks at the Cow and Corset in Bowerstone, after he established that his comedy routine would bring him nowhere among the more sophisticated urban crowd; and eventually managed to put his shooting skills to work as he became a bodyguard who protected traders as they travelled from town to town.

It was at this point that Ben finally had a real rifle in his possession, and using it against bandits, hobbes and other enemies the trading caravans attracted felt as natural as breathing to him. The wages he earned were so superior to those he previously earned that he soon had enough gold to make his dream come true. After obtaining the supplies he would need, Ben set out to experience the adventures he'd read about since he was young, exploring every corner of Albion.

During the next few years, Ben hunted hidden treasures and set out on dangerous quests in the same manner as the Heroes of legend. In a short time, he exhausted almost every legitimate means by which any young man could experience life at its fullest. This exhaustion coupled with the fact that he never could quite shake off his involvement (intentional or otherwise) with criminal activity led him to run with a band of smugglers that were operating out of the Bowerstone port.

After a few weeks, as was inevitable, Ben ended up in Bloodstone, where he found an (until then hidden) appetite for the pleasures that only the lowest of societies could provide. Ben is embarrassed to recall the days he spent drinking, gambling, and indulging in other unsavoury pastimes, but is embarrassed further to recall the succession of women that he fell in love with (describing them as strong minded and even stronger thighed).

The only excuse Ben has for this behaviour is that it was in his blood, and while he had not followed his brother's examples while they lived, he celebrated their memories by following them at that point in time.

One balmy night, Ben boarded a motley crewed frigate while heavily drunk. Hardly pleased by the company and the profession he was forced to embrace, he looked forward to the chance to see the world that was beyond Albion (although the plundering nature of the voyage spoiled any tourism he would have otherwise enjoyed in the foreign lands they visited). Ben's impressions of such exotic locations was inextricably tied in with the images of the locals waving sharp implements in a threatening manner as the ship he was on set sail for the horizon.

The next time they docked in Bowerstone with the intention of selling their wares to the black market, Ben took the chance to leave that chapter of his life behind him, with very few regrets (but quite a few cuts, bruises and monkey bites). It was there that he met a man who was to change his life for the better, and offer him a career that would give him what he longed for the most: a sense of belonging, a new family and a lawfully gained wage. It was then that Ben was about to join the Albion royal army.

Sometime during his service in the army, Ben's fellow officers and enlisted men encouraged him to write a book about his life after hearing him tell stories about his years before he enlisted.

Ben makes his first appearance in Mourningwood during the quest The Hollow Legion at the Mourningwood Fort. He along with Jammy instruct the prince/princess on how to operate the fort's mortar. When the hollow men enter the fort, Ben fights alongside the prince/princess, Walter, Major Swift, and the remaining soldiers that are at the fort. When the hollow men are defeated and Major Swift asks the prince/princess to restore honor to the uniform, Ben adds how he wishes for a pay raise.

Ben is later seen before the The Masquerade quest, telling Page how he killed three hollow men with one shot. She tells him that she doesn't care, to which he tries to get Walter and the Hero to tell her that it really happened. When she tells the Hero of her plan to infiltrate Reaver's party, Ben states how he wishes to go with them. Page refuses to let him come along (saying she didn't trust soldiers and wasn't going to start with him) and orders everyone to leave so that she may change. Ben then offered to stay behind to make sure that no one would spy on her as she was getting changed, but he is told to leave once more. Disappointed, he states how 'their relationship' wasn't going to work out and if he had known he couldn't join, he'd had gone with Major Swift to the castle. Page remarks how she doesn't like soldiers in the hideout (the only exceptions being Walter and Major Swift, who had just left).

It turns out that staying behind saved his life. Ben meets up with the Hero at Bowerstone Castle after it's announced that Logan was giving out an important speech. Ben is horrified to find out that Logan found out that Major Swift was aiding the Revolution. When Logan executes Swift, Ben is furious but is able to gather himself together to inform the others of what had happened to Major Swift. Back at the hideout, Page and Walter try to comfort him, Walter telling him that he died a noble death. Ben disagrees, saying that he was treated like an animal before he was killed. Walter reminds him that Major Swift didn't give any information away and managed to send them a message of where to go next.

Ben goes with the Hero to a warehouse, telling the Hero that Swift taught him almost everything he knew about being a soldier. Upon gaining entry, Ben tells the Hero to 'show them what traitors are capable of'. Once they reach the docks, Ben is worried when he sees that Page isn't with Walter. After Walter tells him that she had to stay behind, they steal a boat and leave for Aurora.

He, along with the Hero of Brightwall and Sir Walter, are shipwrecked in Aurora. Although separated from Walter and the Hero, fortunately he is found by Kalin and taken to the City of Aurora. At first he believes the Hero and Walter to be dead, but after realizing that he was being stupid, he used his wit and charm to convince Kalin to send a search party to look for the player and Sir Walter. After the Hero gets overwhelmed by The Crawler's darkness, he later finds the player along with the nearly dead Sir Walter. The player awakes in the desert to Ben hovering just inside their vision. He reassuringly pats the player's hand, telling them that he'll find Walter. Kalin then takes the Hero to the City of Aurora. After both recover, Ben joins them on they way to the assault on Bowerstone Castle. After the Revolution, when Logan is put on trial, Ben, now the Major's successor, wishes for him to be executed for the way Swift was murdered.

After the final battle against the Crawler, he joins Walter's funeral service, employing his typical chatty sense of humour in honouring Walter. Afterwards he leaves, saying that the life of being a General wasn't for him and that he will return to adventuring, or "help Page with Bowerstone."

He soon grew bored with the wandering lifestyle and decided that he would pull a few strings and regain his former position in Albion's royal army, only now newcomers are literally falling into Albion and the source of the problem isn't really known. His main focus is to protect the queen, as well as Albion's citizens... and to be on the look out for these newcomers.

| behind the fallen angel |

alias;; Leda
experience;; Eight years
other characters;; Dean, John, and Mary
how you found us;; Calypso
contact information;; PM

| credits |

this application was made by kittymorphine at caution 2.0 & bellachanx at shadowplay; lyrics are from “Fallen Angels” from Black Veil Brides. Steal or take off the credit and I will have my army of zombies out to eat your brainz.

Captain Ben Finn

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Re: Captain Benjamin Finn

Post by Queen Stella Beck on Mon Dec 08, 2014 9:10 pm

Accepted! Have fun! Very Happy
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