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December Festivities! ~ Please vote on potential upcoming events!

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Shall we do the events Calypso proposed?

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December Festivities! ~ Please vote on potential upcoming events!

Post by Queen Stella Beck on Wed Nov 26, 2014 10:44 pm

So because Calypso loves the holidays and really doesn't have anything better to do with her time during the festive season except work and sleep, she's come up with a few ideas to bring some holiday cheer around the site. And because Yule always means presents, she's dressing Mac as Santa (despite his insistent protests) and handing out presents for the lovely characters on the board!

There are three things I want to do, but am always open to new ideas so if you have any sorts of plots or events you want to do, please let me know! Smile

First off are, of course, the presents. Who wants boring old presents like socks and books when you can get Legendary Weapons? Yes, you read right, legendary weapons. These have not been a part of the RP Shop due to the fact that they are unique and only one person is allowed each weapon. But I've decided that for the month of December, all of the weapons from the three Fable games are going to be open for taking. And you know the best part? They're free! Each character who is interested gets a choice of one ranged weapon (pistol, rifle, and maybe bow and arrow) and one melee weapon (hammer or sword). As soon as the weapons you pick are claimed, they'll be taken off of the list, making them entirely unique to you. It will of course be first in, first served. I plan on having the list up by the end of the month (hopefully a couple of days beforehand) so you can have a look, and at the start I will be taking reservations of weaponry. If characters clash on weapon choices, it'll be whoever claims it first.

Next, Thread Secret Santa! All characters who wish to participate will be randomly paired with another character and they thread. It can be festive, it can be a quest, an adventure to Aurora, whatever. Just have fun with it! I figured this might be a nice way to get everyone interacting, especially if characters might not normally run in the same circles. You can make up your own reasons for them meeting, or in dire cases I can probably come up with something.

And finally, a Yule Ball. Because everyone knows how much I love my dances. It will be open to everyone in Albion, and Cullis Gates (portals that transport you elsewhere) will be open to take participants to Bowerstone Castle. This will be the perfect time to make new friends, get really drunk, confess your love to your crush (or to a total stranger; whatever floats your boat), or dance the night away.

So the poll will be up for the next three days, so get your votes in quick! Some members have already told me what they think, but I'd appreciate if everyone voted again. Also please vote with ONE account ONLY to keep the results fair Smile
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