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Fendrel Sadon

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Fendrel Sadon

Post by Fendrel Sadon on Tue Nov 25, 2014 1:24 pm


| basics |

name;; Fendrel Joshep Sadon
nicknames;; ---
age;; 29
sexuality;; Homosexual
marital status;; Single
group;; Criminals

| appearance |

height;; 6' 0'' (1.83 m)
build;; Athletic, tall, and fit. He's taken care to stay in his top condition.
hair color;; Black
eye color;; Hazel
tattoos;; He has this tribal tattoo design on both hands, but otherwise, he doesn't sport as many as you might think he would.
defining characteristic(s);; This young man has his fair share of scars, including a rather faint one across the lower right side of his neck and a scar on his left leg from an old injury he got while on the run. Out of the two, you'd probably have better luck spotting the one on his leg than his neck, if you ever caught him showing it around, which he doesn't do all that often. He's also a fond user of the Reaver Industries Perforator and the more hand-to-hand combat sword, The Splade. He almost always has them on him, or they're quite near, and he's skilled with both, so mind yourself if you fancy your life and limbs.
clothing style;; More often than not, he takes on a very dark style of clothing. He has shown a fancy for the mercenary suit, but without the hat and preferring to use the military gloves in pairing with the rest of his style, instead of the standard for mercenaries.
face claim;; Tyler Hoechlin

| the fallen angel |

personality;; A man of mystery who prefers to keep quiet about himself, Fendrel has kept the little details about himself locked up and prefers not to share them with anyone else. Outwardly, he carries an air of coldness, dominance, and confidence. More often than not he comes off hard to read, his gaze as cold and unwelcoming as flint. To state it simply, he's the kind of man that doesn't seem like one to hang around, and yet, there he is.
It's terribly hard to look past his surface, but it's engraved in his being like training. Just when you think some warmness might finally be pushing through that steel lock, he can snap again and return to his often passively-hostile ways. He suffers from a terrible trust problem and therefore trusts very few. You'll have to work hard to smother this burning flame, and, be warned, you're bound to get burned trying, if not immediately, sooner or later.
Beyond that mask to guard himself is actually a very conflicted human being. He does what he does because that's his job. It was originally his only way to let out his anger and pain from his past, but now it's become something that bugs him on sleepless nights and makes his skin crawl on occasion. He isn't exactly proud of who he is, but he knows no other way to survive, so he's been living as he is for practically his entire life. A serious intervention would probably do him some major good, or some serious damage... Depending on what kind of intervention you plan to give him.
family members;; Ezekial Joseph Sadon - father, Elanor Annabelle Sadon - mother, not that he knew either of them well at all. They didn't exactly care for him that well...
other important figures;; What's this 'important figure' idea you speak of? He's certainly not familiar with that concept.
occupation;; Assassin
skills and talents;; He's quick with both pistol and sword, his signature choice in his weaponry being a Reaver Industries Perforater and The Splade as his favorite choice in swords. He wouldn't be hired if he wasn't skilled in his work with either weapon, after all, so he's made sure to prove his skill with them many times over.
history;; Seeing that Fendrel has left much of his past up to speculation and superstition, there's more rumors than facts out in the lands about him, unless you go hunting for information on how he goes about doing his work. Just don't tell the guards... He wouldn't look kindly upon that seeing that he didn't rat you out... Yet, of course. Turn on him and it might be different, though...

As some rumors have suggested, his rough, hostile-like ways stem back from and extremely inadequate childhood filled with abuse and neglect. He could never get attention, even from a total stranger, and, out of fear of being punished even further, he didn't try hard to get it. All of those years of answering to someone in fear and pain still haunts him, both in his personality and in various nightmares that occasionally come knocking when this insomniac does actually manage some legit sleep.

He was actually relatively young when he decided that he needed to vent that anger and pain somehow. So, he learned the ways of the pistol and of the sword and out came the assassin that stands before you today. For a good many years, it worked pretty well. It's only more recently that he's started to suffer from conflicted emotions towards what he does for living. He's reserved the doubt for himself and himself only, not caring to show the weakness in the face of anyone else since he's a long sufferer of trust issues.

As for an exact timeline, you'd have better luck in defeating a legion of Hollow Men than finding that out from him. No one's certain on just how long his abuse lasted, but there are vague details about him becoming an assassin as early as about seventeen years of age and doing much travel across Albion on his many tasks to rid the world of its less-wanted members. He's been working on his tasks ever since his late teens, and, although he's told no one, he grew up in many houses. Still, no one would pay him too much mind. He grew up as a major outcast, both at home and in the larger scheme of the social ladder. Most of his connections were Albion's low-lives, homeless, poor, and, of course, the criminals, for what assassin could get anywhere without a few dark connections on his side?

Overall, there isn't much to tell because he hasn't ever told it, and, even if he did, there still wouldn't be that much. But he is a most accurate example of the theory that monsters are not born, they are made. It's just that this one is looking for someone to help him break that locked spell that haunts him and makes him practically hate himself. Forget turning the people of Albion against him, Fendrel has his own problems with himself, and it all started when he was so young he couldn't have known better.

| behind the fallen angel |

alias;; McKenzie
experience;; Four or five years? Maybe more?
other characters;; Mac Taylor, Sherlock Holmes
how you found us;; An invite from lovely Calypso!
contact information;; Messaging. Any account will do, because I'm sure I'll find a way to check all of them. xD
Notes: I would apologize for making another character, but really I'm not. xD I'm sorry his history's pretty short, but I'm almost betting that I will get that more developed as I get some posts under his belt. He's also a character I originally have made for elsewheres, but I've just slightly modified him to make him more suitable for Albion. If you'd like to visit the original Fendrel, please click here.

| credits |

this application was made by kittymorphine at caution 2.0 & bellachanx at shadowplay; lyrics are from “Fallen Angels” from Black Veil Brides. Steal or take off the credit and I will have my army of zombies out to eat your brainz.

Fendrel Sadon

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Re: Fendrel Sadon

Post by Queen Stella Beck on Tue Nov 25, 2014 2:18 pm

Another great bio and great character. Accepted (how could I not?)! Scarlet is declaring her undying love to you for making an assassin, although she's a tad jealous that she's not the only one any more. Jack is also declaring his love, but more because he wants to flirt with a dangerous but attractive criminal. You've been added everywhere; have fun, create lots of chaos Very Happy Scarlet would also like you to know that she totes wants to do a double-assassination with this dude.
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