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Seneca Crane

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Seneca Crane

Post by Seneca Crane on Mon Nov 24, 2014 10:45 pm


| basics |

name;; Seneca Crane
nicknames;; Could call him Sen or by Crane and he'd respond fine.
age;; 32
sexuality;; Heterosexual (not discussed in canon)
marital status;; Single
group;; Displaced

| appearance |

height;; 6'0"
build;; Fairly average, not too thin or overweight. Not muscled to any extreme either.
hair color;; Dark brown
eye color;; Light blue.
tattoos;; None that I know of.
defining characteristic(s);; Signature beard is something, but otherwise no.
clothing style;; Particularly enjoys wearing the color red, arriving in a red buttoned shirt and dark vest, light pants. He is fairly particular about how he dresses. Clean and well kept, but the change in times will make that a much more difficult task than he ever had in the Capitol.
face claim;; Wes Bentley

| the fallen angel |

personality;; Firstly he has always been a very rich and entitled man. Being clean and proper is a must, manners are essential, and he expects respect. Used to being an important and famous figure in his world he thinks highly of himself for sure. He's confident in himself and his abilities and values his life highly. He shows to be fairly intelligent when it comes to technology, but also with people. Making the Games was as much about predicting the actions of tributes and the desires of the audience as it was about the technical ability to plan the arenas and traps. He would call himself a people person for sure, being social was a necessity for him but at least he enjoyed it. Seneca has no problems with death or murder, watching it on pretty much a daily basis and being someone who encouraged certain murders. Of course to see someone murdered out of nowhere and with no entertainment value would be completely wrong. Killing younger children or the helpless in the streets is a horrible thing to do. But a fight to the death match, that's all fun and games. His mind is always working and planning whether it's the next arena or his next meal. Even without anything required to plan he still would be planning. He seems to get bored easily as is typical with the people of the Capitol. He's a fan of lavish parties and events and styles, and enjoys standing out. He's an artistic and creative person, and also greatly admires those who are also creative. One of his favorite things of his job was seeing his plans and creations being brought to life. He will show confidence for as long as he can even while likely shaking on the inside. He's not too patient either.
family members;; None discussed in canon.
other important figures;; Only real shown relationship was with President Snow which was a boss and employee type relationship where punishment for failure was death. Fearful relationship there.
Admires Katniss Everdeen from the games.
occupation;; Displaced - Now Gamekeeper for the Crucible arena (previously Head Gamemaker for the annual Hunger Games in Panem. Was a big deal.)
skills and talents;; Artistic and creative. Talented and persuasive speaker who is good at keeping peoples' interest and commanding a group. Most other skills were technology based and no longer applicable to the setting of his life. Unless shaving artistic beards and knowing how to entertain people with the deaths of young teenagers is considered a talent.
history;; (It is a bit sparse and lacking because he is not an extremely well developed character in canon but one that has caught my interest still. And here's a very very simplified summary of events from the first movie.)
Seneca was born a wealthy child typical to the Capitol in Panem. He doesn't discuss his life growing up but it wasn't a horrible life it seems. He had an interest in the Hunger Games from an early age. Having been raised in the Capitol where the games were the biggest form of entertainment as a child he saw nothing wrong with the things he saw and even enjoyed them. Growing up he became interested in the making of the Capitol's favorite show and fell in love with the idea of being a part of that. He went into being a Gamemaker young, with a very active and creative mind that didn't question the morality of what was going on.

He advanced well, a favored one of some important people, and it got him very far in life. He was promoted to Head Gamemaker after the 71st Games ended. The circumstances of his predecessor leaving are something he either does not know the full story of or simply doesn't feel like sharing what he does know. With the nature of the job it is safe to assume he was given a "forced retirement" that could mean death. The position isn't one that is generally kept for long by one person. Head Gamemaker terms tend to be short for various reasons and was never the most sought after job as it included the almost impossible job of pleasing the president. Young and confident Seneca believed he would be an exception and took the job anyways. He was one of the youngest head Gamemakers Panem had seen and a well liked one at that. Memorable and intelligent.

He had many successes and kept in the favor of the Capitol and his president although always hard a nerve wracking fear whenever he was around the old man. When it came to the 74th Games things got a bit hectic. A volunteer from a district that never had volunteers, and the same tribute involved in some love relationship. It wasn't a normal year and he could feel it. But things went on as planned as far as he was concerned. He'd consider himself an adaptable person and he never played favorites, he was quite confident that even the oddities of the tributes that year would be easily dealt with. Turned out that volunteer from 12 wasn't making his life easy. Between causing a riot with her caring relationship toward a tribute from another district, a salute he didn't even understand, the president breathing down his neck about containing fires and stopping things from turning nasty he was just a bit overwhelmed. Still nothing would dampen his love for his job, not until the very end.

They did the unthinkable, the two remaining tribute lovers refused to kill each other, instead threatened to kill themselves. Both at the same time. Those poisonous berries would almost literally be the death of him. A conflicted man after having watched their "relationship" grow, and the love for them that Capitol had grow with it, part of him wanted to just disobey and let two win in the first time the nation had ever seen. His job asked that he make sure one died and one lived but... he just couldn't do it. And in that second he made the choice. He let the two live. It was the biggest choice he'd ever make in his life. He'd claim he had no choice but deep down it was a sentimental and emotional choice rather than a professional one. He liked them, admired the girl's performance in the games even, and he'd acted on it. Much to his misfortune as it seemed the president wasn't a fan. He'd been summoned for a meeting, led to a room where he could only expect he'd find himself dead soon enough. He'd disobeyed and well.. Snow didn't like that.

But after being locked in that room, events turned. He found himself instead of meeting his execution, he found the strange portal. A curious mind couldn't leave it be, and he was thrown into some unknown place. Albion was bound to be a whole new life for the man so dependent on a world of fancy technology. It was likely what he needed, as his previous one was basically over. It was rough for a while, a lot of complaining as the man tried to get his grip on the new reality. The thought crossed his mind that he might have actually been killed, maybe shot from behind, and this was some sort of ancient feeling hellish afterlife. He was feeling about that miserable initially. But after some time to get settled he has decided it's not really hell... just different and a bit of a struggle. The man's active mind was intrigued by the new world once he got over his loss, and the challenges that it might bring.

It seemed luck was at hand though, and old habits died hard. He was immediately drawn when he heard of a battling arena of sorts. Of course it would never be the Hunger Games, and that production level was far impossible here. But he couldn't pass up the fact that there was a kind of arena for death sports of entertainment. It was close enough to his previous work he'd hung around quite a bit. Seneca has secured himself a job there as "Gamekeeper" which was close enough anyways. Entertaining the people with death games, it was only natural that Mr. Crane would find himself something so similar in the new world.

| behind the fallen angel |

alias;; Cyr
experience;; Several years (7+)
other characters;; None
how you found us;; Saw an advertisement on a Hunger Games site that I help run.
contact information;; PM probably. I can provide something else if needed.

| credits |

this application was made by kittymorphine at caution 2.0 & bellachanx at shadowplay; lyrics are from “Fallen Angels” from Black Veil Brides. Steal or take off the credit and I will have my army of zombies out to eat your brainz.

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Re: Seneca Crane

Post by Queen Stella Beck on Mon Nov 24, 2014 11:48 pm

Accepted! Welcome to Lost, and I hope you enjoy your time here with us Smile You've been added everywhere important so you're now free to write! You've also received extra gold for your lengthy history. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'm sure that Seneca will have tonnes of fun at the Crucible Razz
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