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Sherlock Holmes

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Sherlock Holmes

Post by Sherlock Holmes on Thu Nov 20, 2014 1:58 pm


| basics |

name;; Sherlock Holmes
nicknames;; Sherly, but it's really only by his brother's, Mycroft's, doing that he has it.
age;; What be age, but a number?
sexuality;; Straight
marital status;; Oh..., how do I put it delicately? Complicated, perhaps?
group;; Displaced

| appearance |

height;; 5' 9'' (1.75 m)
build;; Decently fit, but he is most definitely on the skinny side in the full range of things.
hair color;; Black
eye color;; Brown
tattoos;; None
defining characteristic(s);; These can change as quickly as the weather based on what he's out to accomplish, but some may say that there is always a note of something like narcissism that you should always be able to find, although he'd prefer you use the word 'confidence,' more than likely.
clothing style;; Again, this changes like the weather. If he's not off in some disguise, usually he wears something of a white, somewhat loose-fitting shirt and a nice pair of black pants, more than likely paired with a bowler hat and a long black overcoat.
face claim;; Robert Downey, Jr.

| the fallen angel |

personality;; His good friend John Watson once described him as "loving himself too much," when it appeared that Holmes had attempted to recreate Lord Blackwood's feat of appearing dead when he was hanged, but, in reality, surviving with some not so nice consequences. Some might venture to call him a little too involved with himself to ever truly care about others, but he really just has his own way of showing that caring.
Holmes is known as a master of deduction and prefers to keep his mind occupied. He often slips into depression and/or moodiness when he's not working on something that will keep his mind occupied. That or studying or more than likely stirring up some kind of trouble through his actions or experiments. Long story short, never leave him without something to do. The result is not fun to deal with.
He's also fond of bluntness, so if he has an opinion, you're sure to know it, but being what he will shamelessly call an intellect, he adores a wide variety of vocabulary and is knowledgeable in a wide range of things. Also, to double back to that seemingly impenetrable narcissism, he does care and, yes, he does have a heart. He can come off as a bit of jerk and quite arrogant if you don't know him better, but he will go to great, long risks in order to ensure that his friends and those closest to him are safe. It may not seem like it, but, trust in it. It'll take a little work to get past him, but if you can manage all of his smart comments and his various other twisted personality traits, he's not as bad as you think.
family members;; The only blood family he really has now is his brother, Myrcroft Holmes, who he occasionally called upon for help while working.
other important figures;; Dr. John Watson is most definitely Holmes's closest friend and a valued partner. Holmes often bickers with him to the point it could seem like they were related in some other way than just knowing each other so well. He's also dabbled with Irene Adler, who is a tricky little thing who Holmes has a liking for, but who he has attempted, which is the key word, to avoid knowing that she has dabbled in criminal affairs.
occupation;; Detective for hire
skills and talents;; As previously stated, he's a known master of deduction and logic, often applying it to baffle police inspectors when they call upon his skills to assist an investigation. He also has knowledge of the more common science of criminal investigation as well as having an intimate knowledge of martial arts which he often employs to use while working.
history;; Sherlock Holmes works as a detective for hire out of London, working with partner and friend Dr. John Watson for many years. Before Watson joined him, he lived and worked alone, but after John's joining him, the pair shared the apartment of 221B on Baker Street and also worked together.

He leaves details of his early life sketchy, and the only connection he makes solid is to that of his brother, Mycroft, who him and Watson enlist to help while trying to find Professor Moriarty, who is the mastermind of a series of events designed to bring the world to war.

Holmes discovers Moriarty and his work while working with Watson on the case of Lord Blackwood, who they helped the Yard find and, by doing so, prevented a ritualistic murder of a young woman. The case is developed further when it appears Blackwood came back from the dead after his hanging. While working, Holmes comes back into contact with Irene Adler, a woman who, of course, had to be a criminal that he had taken a fancy for.

Holmes is originally reluctant to take on the case she proposes to find a man Holmes promptly begins calling "the ginger midget," but, with the events of Blackwood's "rising from the dead," finds that it is a vital part of Blackwood's case. The full course of the investigation leads to a plot Blackwood had to take over the British Empire by using illusions that made it seem like he was using magic. Holmes and Watson, with the assistance of Irene, manage to stop this plot before it reaches its full run.

Just after stopping the plot, Holmes chases after Adler and Blackwood, and what follows ends with Blackwood officially dead and Adler confessing to working for Moriarty, which leads to Watson and Holmes discovering that the conflict with Blackwood and Adler was a diversion for Moriarty to steal a component of Blackwood's machine he'd been using in his plot.

So, Holmes asks Watson to see through one more case with him, seeing that John was marrying to Mary Morstan and moving out, which would leave Holmes to work and live alone once more. Holmes gets him to see the case through, seeing that it connected to their last work with Blackwood, and the pair begin to tackle their newly found trouble with Moriarty.

Holmes quickly discovers that Irene has been put to work for Moriarty again and soon after learns that Moriarty felt it necessary to eliminate her and deemed her services "unnecessary" because he felt that she was too close with Holmes.

Through help from a gypsy named Simza, who knows her brother had been put to work in Moriarty's plans, Holmes and Watson uncover Moriarty's plan to own "the bullets and the bandages" to make a profit off the conflicts of the world. Following the discovery of the plan and of Rene, Simza's brother, being an assassin working for Moriarty to cause an international incident at a peace conference in Switzerland, which would inevitably lead to a major conflict that Moriarty would be able to profit off of.

Holmes confronts Moriarty while Watson and Simza take care of Rene and stop him from making the assassination, and the pair end up coming to the conclusion that there would be a physical confrontation - one that Holmes would not be able to win due to a shoulder that was injured by Moriarty's capture and torture of him earlier in the case's development. Holmes concludes that the only way to win is to catch Moriarty by surprise and do something unexpected. So he does just that, pushing himself and Moriarty over the balcony into a waterfall, which leaves himself and Moriarty presumed dead.

Holmes later reveals himself alive and well to Watson, who had finally been preparing for an overdue honeymoon with Mary. Holmes sends Watson ahead, and meanwhile dives back into work for the time being until the next plot he would be able to pull Watson into, and instead, he got the very interesting surprise of finding himself dumped in Albion!

| behind the fallen angel |

alias;; McKenzie
experience;; I've lost count of the years...
other characters;; Mac Taylor
how you found us;; An invite from the lovely Calypso. Smile
contact information;; Messaging, darlings. Probably best on Mac's account, but either or will do.
Notes ~ I took the liberty of building on a little to the end of "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows," and it's been a little bit since I've watched either of the movies, so please do correct me if I got any of the details wrong, but I just wanted to toss out that I added on a bit from the suggestive ending of AGoS to make this all make sense. Wink

| credits |

this application was made by kittymorphine at caution 2.0 & bellachanx at shadowplay; lyrics are from “Fallen Angels” from Black Veil Brides. Steal or take off the credit and I will have my army of zombies out to eat your brainz.

Sherlock Holmes

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Re: Sherlock Holmes

Post by Queen Stella Beck on Thu Nov 20, 2014 6:06 pm

*silently squees* ACCEPTED of course! Very Happy Another brilliant bio. You've been added in all the places that are important, so you're now free to start writing Very Happy
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