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Mac Taylor

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Mac Taylor

Post by Mac Taylor on Fri Nov 14, 2014 12:10 pm


| basics |

name;; McKenna Lwellyn Taylor
nicknames;; Mac
age;; 49
sexuality;; Straight
marital status;; Widowed
group;; Displaced

| appearance |

height;; 5' 9'' (1.75 m)
build;; He'd probably tell you average and that it's nothing amazing, but, with the demands of his former job, he's no slacker when it comes to staying fit.
hair color;; Medium brown
eye color;; Blue/green
tattoos;; None
defining characteristic(s);; Just one scar on his chest from a bombing he experienced whilst in the Marines, from October of 1983. It's just over his heart.
clothing style;; Usually, it's professional with something along the lines of a long sleeved dress shirt with a t-shirt underneath and some dress pants. On the rare occasion that he actually had a day off, casual would work. Maybe a sweater and sweat pants or a t-shirt will do the trick.
face claim;; Gary Sinise

| the fallen angel |

personality;; Stubborn is the big word that can almost be interchangeable with his name at the best of times. Mac's extremely independent and driven - one that won't give in easily if he has any say in the matter. That's at least the outer shell. It's more of a defense than anything, so don't take it personally if he doesn't warm up to you right away. He's had his experiences that make him question who he lets be his friends a little more thoroughly before actually allowing anyone in close. If you can get through that, he is someone you can genuinely trust. He does his best to keep his word, and the only thing you can catch him lying about on a regular basis is really if he's alright. He's not one to let the whole world in on his personal life and troubles, for either not trusting the whole world to take it right or for the simple matter that he doesn't feel his friends need to take on his own trouble with their own. For those that do have his trust and whom he calls friends, and even family, he'd take a bullet for them in a heartbeat. His closest friends have kept him going even when he felt he couldn't keep working at it and that means a great deal to him. Threaten him or one of the people he cares about, and you better be ready for him to at the least have some harsh words for you.
But, for the sake of stepping back from the "tough guy" exterior, he does have a lighter side. It just takes a little convincing to show. He's not a loose cannon, although there's no doubting that you don't wanna be around when he's mad, and he's not heartless. To say it a few simple words, he's a bit of a complex thing to solve and understand, but worth the trouble. He's been down some long, hard roads, and it's affected and stayed with him, but it's all just become a part of who he is. Most of the times, he can be found to be calm, collected, reserved, and softspoken - not at all one for the crazy nights out or the one-night stands with some girl you meet at the bar. That'd more than likely be against his morals.
family members;; McKenna Boyd Taylor - father, Millie Taylor - mother
other important figures;; Essentially, he considered his whole team that he worked with while on NYPD's Crime Scene Unit family. They were there for him through many of his ups and downs and they still didn't leave him, and he never ventured to take that friendship for granted.
occupation;; Displaced ex-crime scene investigator and police officer with the New York City Police Department of New York, New York, retired Marine
skills and talents;; From loads of experience and training from when he was a Marine, Mac is skilled in unarmed defense and has a knowledge of an array of weaponry. Patience isn't lost on him either, and he can take a lot before he finally has enough. Some might even venture to say he's a bit of an out-of-the-box thinker who likes to see the whole picture before stating his opinion or thoughts about a situation. Simply stated, he's not one to "rush to judgement" all that often.
history;; The only child of McKenna Boyd and Millie Taylor, McKenna "Mac" Taylor was born and raised in the south side of Chicago, Illinois. From a young age, Mac looked up to his father, and he was later inspired by his father's service in the Army so much that he carried on the military legacy and joined the Marines with studies done at Chicago University.
His service time taught him a lot and he came home for the final time with several honors for his service time to his name. From time spent in Southeast Asia to serving in the Gulf War and, to some extent, Operation Desert Storm, he certainly got some world travel done in the service. He was also injured in October of 1983 in a bombing attack on the barracks in Beirut, Lebanon. From the attack, he can still recall having a young Marine die in his arms and he bares a scar on his chest from his own injury in the attacks.
He was married before his demobilization from the Marines to New Yorker Claire Conrad, and when he came home at last, his father was fighting Small Cell Lung Cancer. At the time when he came home to see his father, he expressed an idea to settle down with Claire in Chicago to be close to help his parents, but his father reminded him of a job offer he received from the New York Police Department. His father told him to accept the offer on the grounds that Claire had family back in New York, that she'd be happy there, and that there was nothing left to keep Mac in Chicago. He also told his son that the NYPD was the finest in the country, and Mac promised he'd make the call to accept the offer.
So Mac and Claire moved off to New York. Claire worked in downtown Manhattan at the World Trade Center as Mac started off working patrol before he eventually worked to the rank of a detective. The events of 9/11 hit Mac hard, as Claire was killed in the collapse of the Twin Towers. To this day, her remains haven't been recovered, and it's been a hard road to accepting the facts of 9/11, although he's managed to do it well enough and finally accept that what happened was beyond his control and falls into his belief that things happen for a reason, although he continues to suffer Insomnia from the events even so many years later, although the argument could be made that the job he's had and has might've played a part in his condition as well.
After 9/11 Mac remained working with NYPD, and by that time, he'd been working on the Crime Scene Unit with his own team of investigators stationed out of the New York City Crime Lab, which he was deemed supervisor of. With the team, he's been through a lot, and to list all the incidents that left them guessing would take well over just a few moments.
Recently doesn't fit that bill, however, as while working on a recent case, Mac found himself in a strange new world with no way to get back, almost as if some great mystery beyond his knowledge had once again played an unpredictable set of cards from Fate's hands...

| behind the fallen angel |

alias;; McKenzie (aka, your loving wild muse, Dracula. xD)
experience;; I have most terribly no clue at all, although I believe it is starting to be four or five years now. (And, much to my pleasure, I'm not so terrible anymore. xD Gosh, the things I've done that I wonder about...)
other characters;; Nada, lovelies
how you found us;; An invite from the lovely Caly. Smile
contact information;; Drop me a line in my messaging inbox here, loves, if you would. I have a bad habit of never reading my emails...

| credits |

this application was made by kittymorphine at caution 2.0 & bellachanx at shadowplay; lyrics are from “Fallen Angels” from Black Veil Brides. Steal or take off the credit and I will have my army of zombies out to eat your brainz.

Mac Taylor

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Re: Mac Taylor

Post by Queen Stella Beck on Fri Nov 14, 2014 12:59 pm

ACCEPTED <333! Your bio is seriously well-written. Welcome to Albion! You've been added everywhere important, so you're now free to start rping Very Happy Have fun! Very Happy
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